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Adrian, I reluctantly wandered across to "G-Hi"s blog to get a balanced perspective.

What I found was some creative cutting and pasting and a halfway decent - yet wholly unsuccessful - attempt at discrediting your entire blog.

If it helps, I can easily ignore his rant about you and your thoughts, even though at times I would probably sit on his side of the fence when it comes to political issues, especially when it comes to matters in Iraq.

In my mind, there is plenty more room for Howard-bashers, but there is no room, nor justification (yet!) for Adrian-bashers.

Having said all that, I'm keen to see if the tone of your blog changes when Kevin gets his promotion later in the year.

Well done, Adrian.

You have a lot more patience than me. The mungbean would have been gone after his first comment (along with his comment) if I had a blog.

Your blog, your rules, and thread hijacking is downright rude.

There are a million political blogs that are full of bile spewing ratbags out there if I want to read them, don't need them here.

Well expunged. Looking forward to a "clown-free" zone.

Hey Adrian
Having done my time in your industry, I've never doubted the truth of your stories. But even if you did embellish, cut to the chase, flavour up stories or create "composite" passengers from several different individuals, you tell good stories and make some points very well (even if I don't agree with them all).
So the clowns of the world can question you, but you're still out there entertaining and informing all your other readers.
Who gives a toss about clowns.

Hi Adrian, just back to the point of using holidays for Reservists - from memory (it has been 12 years), your employer is only obliged to give you unpaid leave for one 2 week exercise a year; any further time you want off has to come out of your own holidays. It may have changed now though.

My lord, no wonder you're so predisposed toward the military, that was a $114 cab ride! It sounds like they bought you off. I bet 'Dubya' himself signed off on that appropriation. Heh.

Why do I have the feeling that the beclowned is the kind of person who chases UFOs and thinks earthworms are spies. I think the original Indian peace activist is rolling over in his grave.

Ben, an interesting point re G repelling readers with similiar political views. Hopefully he'll learn to avoid turgid unoriginal content. He also appeared in Club Troppo's Missing Link comment box 'whinging' at have his Cablog 'take-down' ignored. Embarrassing.
PQ, most probably there's tens of millions of political blogs. To think of all the traffic G generated from his flaming it's doubtful he retained many visitors, if any. Interestingly, stats reveal referrals from G's blog have dried up.

Exactly JJ and Aurelius, clowns out, I say. And 'composite' characters are a good idea for a 'faction' novel.
Good point Ryan, possibly what you say was his situation, re taking extra leave. He was looking to become an officer which would account for extra training and leave.
Jon, believe it or not, I actually gave the Army a miniscule tip, miscalculating the tolls by some cents and failing to levy an excess luggage charge (55c!). The bloke had a fully loaded Army backpack which must have weighed over 40 kilos. Phwoar..

I'll loan you a boot if you ever need one, Adrian! ;)

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