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Gee, I wonder how old her kids are. Doesn't sound like she's interested in stopping.

Some young women can really drink these days. They obviously get a lot of practice.

Darlene - there's a big difference between "having a drink in your hand" for 9 hours and "drinking" for 9 hours. I reckon the two young women might have had 5-6 drinks in those 9 hours, whereas the community club woman was obviously out to get completely trashed...

Mrs Bondi - Bellevue Hill is one of those parents mentioned in press reports yesterday. The ones who abuse alcohol and other drugs meaning 1 in 8 kids are raised by addicted parents. What ever happened to a bit of self restraint?

Addiction has nothing to do with self restraint AG Canberra...
If only it was so easy as 'pulling ones socks up'..

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