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I'd personally just stop listening to bullshit you hear from passengers, chief. If the ALP doesn't know why it can't take those seats, I shall eat my ACTU hat.

Also, you're starting from behind not being a Queenslander, but no one has ever listened to Bob Katter, and possibly never will.

Yeah well Gillard made a mistake, Jeeze how dreadfull,but than at least shes not a serial liar like the present incumbent

What's eating you two? Feeling threatened?

Only by retards in the ranks, Bob!

As for Gillard, maybe she'd be better if she was a breeder.

If Katter is right, yesterday's decision by the Beattie Government to whack a 'clean coal technologies' tax on the industry may have just cost Federal Labor (drop the word 'Party') those seats.

In the 2004 election, the problem for Labor in Queensland was Peter Beattie. See, at a state level, party workers can sit on their behinds, do no work, and someone, somewhere else delivers victory.
The party workers thought this would happen at a Federal level, and were truly shocked when it didn't.
At least, that's what I learnt from working for the party in Petrie, Lilley & Dickson.

Same thing happened in Hasluck, (Perth SE Metro) in 2004, Aurelius.
The Labor party hacks sat back on their bums, confident that their rusted on Labor voters would deliver victory.
None of the ALP drones thought to check the changing demographics and did nothing to convert the new arrivals and assumed the useless union apparatchik incumbent would blitz it. Didn't happen.
Still a marginal seat, though.

I was starting to think that Labor might win this one. Fresh, non-threatening face, the "it's time" factor - it was starting to look do-able for them.

But I think Gillard is starting to scare the horses. This whole IR thing is reminding folks of the very good reasons to be suspicious of the union backed party. Low inflation, low unemployment, low interest rates, budget surpluses & a nicely humming economy. And Gillard's reminding folks that Labor represents some unions who'd rather feather their own nests, no matter what damage it does to the wider economy. I think if Rudd is serious about winning this election, Gillard is going to be shoved back in her box out of public view until after the election.

Re Bob Katter - someone must be listening to him otherwise he wouldn't have been voted back in at the last election as an independent. He does the one thing most constituents are looking for - speaks up for those in his electorate.

Brian Harradine did this well for TAS - why do you think more than $1bil of the original sale of Telstra went to Tassie.....

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