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adrian your to easy on runners,i had one on new years morning well 3 of them ,they jumped in and said where they were going a $80 fare,i said show me the money first which one of them did.When we got to the destination out they jump and off they go so i gave chase to the last one away,though a house yard to a back fence where he jumps over,as he does this the fence breaks sending my runner face first onto a concrete driveway.After checking to see he's not dead(he was in a daze with his nose flattened across his face)i asked for the fare to which he replyed f&*k off and got up and ran off.I thought write it off and headed back to the cab where a person driving behind had seen the whole thing and stopped to look after my taxi.End of story is a few days later i saw this fine young gentleman walking down the street with 2 black eyes and a very swollen nose,and that news years day shift ended up being the best day shift i have had as far as money earned.ONE WORD KARMA!!!!!

It's hard to believe that someone in their 30s with a job would go through the hassle of doing a runner. But I guess it happens...

There are time in all our lives when $30 means a fair bit. It might just be buying the a case of eer on te eay home or a present to some one close to smooth over a whole lotta shit. It happens! Glad to hear you dont get bent out of shape about it.

I swear i read you were giving the blog away Adrian. was I dreaming (nightmare) or are yo back! Archives suggest you never left. Fuckk I;m pissed!

A coupla years back I would have said that I would never have believed that people would just run off without paying their fare, but since being in England I've realised it happens more often than I ever thought possible. Its a real shame!!

Your passenger deserved an absolute flogging just for calling you "dude".

From my experience it is always wise to be suspicious of anyone using "dude" or "champion". They mean it as your passenger used it, in other words, "F#ck you".

Working in IT - doing a runner might have been the only thrill he gets all week!

One day he will get caught - or like a bloke from work, run over as he sprints from the taxi!

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