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Actually friendly hugs are also acceptable along with handshakes.

Now if you ever find yourself flipping the bird rather than just saying Mate, you'll really have something to feel uneasy about. :P

An important benefit of Priestly celibacy is the avoidance of nepotism and family dynastys. There is some pragmatic wisdom in the practice.

I'm not too sure that the 3rd Worlders will push for married priests, in fact I believe it is the opposite given that I have generally found them to be orthodox in practice and belief.

The push for married priests is a 1st world thing IMO and is driven by "progressive" forces attempting to diminish the sacredness of the Church.

I know it is something I was not born for, yet I also know that others were. As Christ said it is not for all.

Don't forget that priests have mothers and they get their fair share of hugs.

When I was a boy we had no shame about hugging our priest but of course circumstances since have tainted that and loaded that innocent act with all sorts of carnal overtones.

Great to have you back from your break Adrian. Cheers.

Good point re Third World priests, Pat, though those Jesuits certainly influenced Central American clergy with their 'liberation theology'. Also my priest passenger cited New Guinean culture as an example of partiality to married priests.

Regarding perceptions of 'carnal overtones', I can't help thinking acceptance of women clergy would go a long way to restoring the Church's sullied reputation. If only to balance the patriarchal dominance within the Church.

Whoa, steady on there Adrian. When wymins start protesting against the 'glass floor' and demand their right to become garbos, miners, front line infantry, bouncers, street sweepers etc etc in equal numbers to men then I'll respect their claims for equality. Till that day I remain an unreconstructed male.

The day the Catholic Church ordains a woman is the day I leave it. For the Church *is* Patriarchal. It always was and always will be.

Married Anglican priests who convert to Catholicism are allowed to keep their wives. They just aren't allowed to sleep with them.

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