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The difference in color must be related to the fact that the close up is "brighter". It is interesting that in the close up the rear of the car is brighter, the top of the car is dimmer than the rear, the wall is darker than in the other picutre, and the tail lights are dimmer than in the other picture. This probably means they are using a different wavelength of light for the closeup. I wonder if they are illuminating the close up with infrared - would that also account for the reddish tone in the color image?

Some type of illumination in the close up would also explain why it is sharper than the other picture, and why the foreground (rear of the car) is brighter than the back ground (wall, top of car).

Are they the same car/time?
The picture at the right clearly shows a 'witches hat' that is not obvioous/present on the other picture.

did u notice the cone on the right of the car in the 2nd photo?

The second photo might be taken in infra-red to better show the number plate. That would explain the different lighting. It would also explain the different orientation, since it would have been taken from a different camera.

However there's no getting away from the witch's hat in one photo and not the other. Clearly these are not the photos taken at the same place and time.

Adrian, please let us know what you find out about this.

I've had the privilege of 3 fines in the CCT within 9 months, one also at 66kph in a supposed 40kph zone (which I believed at the time was an 80kph zone). Interesting hey! I now drive around 50-60 kph in there and will probably be booked next for going too slow! Either that or I'll total myself trying to keep an eye out for the speedo, signs and trying to ignore my fellow travellers giving me the bird, honking and high beaming me. Time will tell, but I might just be hailing down your taxi soon!

Thanks for the interesting opinions folks, will address soon. Right now I've got an appeal to lodge. Later...

Sorry to disapoint, I thought that as well about the witches hat, but try changing the brightness/contrast and light filters in the first photo and you will notice an outline showing the witches hat is there, just not picked up in the flash from that photo. Also you will see the break in the white dividing line where the witches hat is.

Yes, K.B., the answer lies in the witches hats, correctly identified by you in first image. The second image has the cab at the next white lane marker, with a differently positioned witches hat.

Whilst this suggests two cameras are used, as suggested by another commentor, I guess the absence of overhead light reflections in second image is due to a break in lights. Passing strange, though. Therefore I must concede the images are correct.

On a general point it's ironic that 1km/h less in speed would have reduced my fine from $231 to $77. The Government got lucky there. Wonder how often that happens...

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