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lol Love it!

I think I know this guy. And we all said when his lovely wife married him, she must be doing it for the money. We couldn't think of any other reason.

Mike, I reckon it would be a long shot due to some altered details. Though, unsurprisingly, 'divorce' and 'slobs' are closely related and not uncommon.

You are quite right, Adrian. I should have said I know someone just like this guy.

Did you consider calling the cops?

Anthony, no, not really, he said he lived a couple of blocks away. Though it's a valid point and in hindsight maybe I should have. At the time I was just happy he was gone.

Kebabs? no way! Not since I had a meat pie plastered over the rear seat/windows etc that took nearly an hour to clean off. Now I don't even slow down.

The pie btw was the result of a food fight which lead to the fare not being paid and the cops being called. The problem was it was 20mins to changeover and it took an hour to clean up and sort out.

The problem when it comes to food or drink in taxis is the lack of respect, they don't give a sh*t.

I tell them that I'm happy to wait with the meter off while they finish their tucker. Because otherwise they are going to dribble grease on the floor, wipe their hands on my seats, and shove the wrapper in the seat pocket.

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