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You're probably right with the English but I think it goes a bit deeper. I think it's a lack of understanding the lingo.
For an Aussy to say "Your'e a funny c@#t" it is usually meant as a compliment but a driver who only understands learnt english they only hear the swear word with the responce "What did you call me"
and it goes on from there.

silver service,how have normal tcs owners allowed this elite service to rip off all the good account fares from them.

I held a Sydney cab licence for about five years back in those sunny pre-Olympics days, when a driver could wear whatever he damn well pleased and nobody worried too much about perspex screens for security.

I always found that I enjoyed my night best when there was an element of "racing" involved. By that I mean that you challenged yourself to get as many fares as you can, avoid as many red lights as you can, keep moving, and hopefully make some money along the way.

On other nights, when I just couldn't be stuffed, I would find myself just going through the motions and the night would last forever. I usually ended up back home watching TV for an hour, and often just tossed it in and made nothing on the night (even lost money a few times).

The most annoying passengers for me were those who waited until you had committed to a certain route, and then (usually after you just hit a traffic jam) complain that you hadn't taken another route, and accuse you of ripping them off.

I soon learned my lesson: whenever it was a 50/50 choice about which way to go, I would ask the passengers their preference, just to avoid recriminations. Mostly they appreciated being asked, too.

gandi in the country well in the smaller towns with under 20 cabs you can still wear your own cloths instead of a dull looking and uncomfortable uniform,it sucks when i drive a shift in sydney having to don the networks gear funny thing is i make more money in the country town where i drive than any shift in sydney also.


yeah I was pretty surprised when all the cabbies just rolled over and let the government dictate that new uniform code to them. It was probably all the excitement of the coming Olympics, the whole nation went nuts for a bit.

I am not sure that we have ever recovered! :-)

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