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Anyone who complains about the smug arrogance of SUV drivers should look at twats like this who think nothing of holding up traffic (and thus causing more pollution) while advertising their own superiority. If this guy wanted exercise he should've been tooling around Centennial Park.

It almost goes without saying he's part of that mob taht sees fit to fuck up bridge traffic every few Fridays!

Ah, the good ol' argument of cars vs bikes. This argument has parallels with the gun debate. Should people be allowed to own guns - should people be allowed to ride bikes in traffic. As one group exercises their rights, another group wants to legislate it.

It's not as simple as that Anthony and I say that as a daily commuting cyclist. There's a certain breed of little dick that is over-represented in cycling. They stretch lyrca over their paunches, shave their skinny legs, spread themselves across roads intended for registration-paying motorists and attach themselves to every greens-loser issue under the sun. The proof of their conceited stupidity is the fact that they don't recognise it. Come the revolution, middle-aged men in lycra will follow the lawyers up against the wall.

If recumbants are so good why don't they ride them in the Tour de France? I think most other bike riders laugh at them....They are the betamax of the biking world....

Slatts, you're kidding, eh? Since when does any greens-issues proponent shave?

Slatts, you know as well as I do that registration does not pay for roads, it goes into general revenue, to be squandered by pollies on anything, just like a cyclists taxes.

and given that bicycles and recumbents are legally considered road vehicles, clearly roads are not just "intended for rego paying motorists".

AG, recumbents were banned from the tour back in 1934, the UCI (Union Cycliste International) banned the use of aerodynamic recumbent bicycles after a mid-level racer broke the prestigious record for distance traveled in one hour while riding one. Many modern recumbent riders are still angry over this and are quick to point out that recumbents still hold most of the speed records that are not under UCI control.

Well Mr. Tuttle, er, Buttle, set the record straight! ;)

In all seriousness, they actually do look kinda cool but I prefer my high visibility position despite the comfort/speed penalty.

Also, the analogy to betamax is VERY apt - it was a superior technology, but that wasn't enough to save it.

It'd be nice to have more acceptance of the rallying cry "get bent", but its other meaning seems firmly entrenched. ;)

On cyclist: To think that 99% of these people screams at having their rights on the road, but never stops on a Red Traffic Light. So why do they deserve to be on the road with us?

"why do they deserve to be on the road with us" simple answer cedrico. because it is the law.

BTW, lets see a cite to back up that figure of 99% of cyclists running red lights shall we?

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