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Good job, Adrian.

$30 is an absolute bargain price to pay for the valuable lesson this little shit has learned.

Don't be so sure he has learned his lesson, Ben. He just got caught, that is all.

In my experience, rich kids often learn that the real sin lies not in doing wrong, but in getting caught. Truth be told, many rich parents don't much care what their kids do (especially when they have already dumped them at a boarding school) as long as there are no messes to clean up.

Hey I only just found your blog and I love it!!! I think I will have to post a link on mine.

I reckon that was a very nice and sincere letter the boy wrote. Good on him.

I've got some confessions to make Adrian. I once did a runner. Never got caught.

I also once refused to pay a fair and got taken to the cop shop for a cupla hours for it.

I also spewed up mightily in the back seat of a cab. I got the driver to stop a block from my house paid him and bolted. I can still hear his deranged moaning cry of desperation when he realised what I had left for him on the rear floor. He drove up and down the street for what seemed like an hour or more with his spotlight on searching for me. I had hidden under a parked car and lay there rigid till he eventually gave up and drove off.

Well, there's my Mea Culpas. I didn't have to read your blog to know what a bastard act they all were. But reading your stories, especially the ramifactions of a ralph on the back seat, brings them fresh to mind all the time.

One thing I can say is I'm not the prick I used to be, well 99.999% of the time at least. So there is hope for the boy yet. Cheers.

Put aside whether he was "encouraged" to write it, that is a good apology. No "if I caused offence", or "my brain exploded" shit that you get from the usual insincere apologisers.

Pat, consider yourself forgiven. Your penance is to tip the next cabbie !

According to the boy's explanation, and my own estimate, it appears the fare evasion was not premeditated but rather spontaneous. Something unforseen prevented him from returning with the money, so he dogged it.

That said, his apology was decent and acceptable and he's learned a cheap lesson. In my book a satisfactory outcome.

Of course I hope he really has learned a lesson, and I hope he never forgets it. But that's between him and his God.

I remember once I picked up a junkie at Taylor Square. He was going to Central Station and he asked me to help him put some stuff in the back of my cab. I followed him into the foyer of a cheap appartment block. There were massive piles of dirty old boxes, bags and clothes under the stairs. He said he had been sleeping there for a month, under the stairs, but now he was going back home to Armidale, quit the drugs and start a new life.

I helped him load all the stuff into the cab, and then unload it all again onto the platform at Central. By the time we'd finished, the meter was around $50. Then he told me he had no money!

"How are you going to get to Armidale, then?" I asked him.

"I don't know," he said. "But I'm already on my way. And that's the main thing. I've just got to keep moving. This time I am going to make it, I know I am."

I wrote off the $50 and actually gave him $20 for the train fare.

It seems not all taxi-related apologies are as gracious.

Well done ghandi. I'm a big believer in what goes around comes around so you have served yourself well.

I'm still paying for all my past sins. I got done for speeding today, 3 points and $200 plus. First time since 1999. I know this sounds corny but I felt blessed. The mrs didn't agree unfortunately.

You can be sure that the letter is only the bit of the story you learnt of. There is no doubt that he will have been subject to a pretty stern rebuke and probably some other punishment within the confines of the institution.

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