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I was in Melbourne city for two nights the week before the Grand Prix, and I was equally surprised with the after-hours ambiance on city streets, compared to Sydney.

Rollerbladers down the main streets, plenty of pedestrians that weren't rushing around, even a gondola (with two passengers) being rowed along the river.

The footpaths are very wide; the streetscapes pleasant, and lots of little nooks and small shops/eateries. The Sydney streetscape is increasingly large stores with equally large storefronts, which doesn't lend to strolling and stopping to look at different displays.

Glad you enjoyed Melbourne. There's something Melbourne has that a lot of cities seem to lack and that's a sort of sub-culture. Things like the underground music scene, the street art/graffiti and the night life are what makes Melbourne unique.

Pfft..., Melbourne, Sydney, who cares? Come to Nha Trang where the action is.

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