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Re Passenger #2 - Not surprising though. I am currently doing a degree in PR and daily am confronted with fellow students that have no idea what goes on in the industry they wish to work in. And I can see lecturers and tutors getting frustrated when mentioning something and all they get back are blank stares. Unfortunately a high TER doesn't come with common sense.

Wow!! What an ambition to write for the Telegraph. I suppose someone of his obvious intelligence will fit right in there in tabloid journalism land.

To be fair to the journalist student though, he's aiming for a writing job, journalism. Blogging isn't a job; it's a hobby.

John, blogging did originate as a hobby and remains so for the vast majority. However it's also now widely accepted by most media outlets and forms an integral part of their online presence.

New journalists are increasingly expected to have competency across various mediums, not just print media.

On a regular basis I receive requests from uni and HSC media students requesting interviews/advice etc on blogging. Hence my surprise at the passenger's response.

Sounds like you had a real idiot on your hands Adrian.. The mere fact that he thought that working for the Daily Telegraph was something to aspire to says it all!
On another note, great to see you back blogging!!

Thanks James, welcome back also.

on this subject, do you often/ever get people in your cabs who recognise you and are readers of this blog? I know i've often thought when seeing cabs go by 'i wonder if any of them is that bloke from the cablog'

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