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I knew you'd be back!!!

I'll check out your ninemsn coverage.

Welcome back and a big get well to your mom.

Just read the Cabpoll; great stuff.

I usually get my news from the ABC and avoid the popup-ridden cross-promoting advertainment ninemsn like the plague. However, for you Adrian, I'll definitely make an exception.

Hey, I hope your mom feels better soon. Don't forget that Jello and soup have healing powers.

Yes only 4 posts on what I consider the homepage (what I get when I click thru bloglines). I was also very confused until i noticed the dates on CABPOLL (why am I reading 2004 news!).

Good for you, but I'm also an avoider of ninemsn and given I neither live in NSW or Australia no real need.


Welcome back, Adrian! My morning routine will now be back to normal!!!

Best wishes to your mom.

Yes, only 4 posts on the page. Could it be date related? The earliest post on the page is dated 15th Feb. Could it be that the system defaults to only show 1 month's posts on the front page?

Yes, is the answer to your question.

Big change for your mum. Hope she'll settle in to the nursery home okay. Bad news about the accident.

Cabpoll is a good idea.

Stay safe, ol' son; best wishes for you and yours.

Yes, four posts appearing only.

yes, 4 posts on front page.

Thanks folks, Mum is comfortable and should be out in a few weeks. The display issue appears to be at the host's end and possibly the result of some newly installed software. Hopefully Help desk will sort it out soon. Adrian.

That's one less reason for sleepless nites and stress.

Welcome back, soon.

I'm on Firefox - can see more than 4 posts.

Sorry to hear about your mum and the loss of your family home.
My family home was razed last year to make way for townhouses. It was so sad!!

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