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Allow me to be the first to say welcome back; and about time ;-)

What about the rest you were going to have... surely blogging is sorta easier/less critical than doing the Newspoll articles?


And me, the second, "welcome back mate".
Sounds a bit like coming back in here will actually be your sabbatical. But I guess abreak is good no matter what ya do.
Good to see ya again mate.

Thanks Ian and Lance. Actually the Cabpolling was a useful exercise and quite beneficial, forcing me to take more care with the writing and creative process. I'm pretty happy with the result and now feel reinvigorated, once again enjoying the craft.

As for the postponed rest, that'll be next week's holiday, though I will be moblogging whilst travelling. After which regular blogging will resume. Cheers,

Re the Adelaide cabbies - I believe the industry was de-regulated there a few years ago - with chaep plates and minimal regulation the norm.

Perhaps that's what you get when you take away the rules for providing safe and efficient transport....

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