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Sounds like a champ, but typical Shire material. Did he have his postcode and an Aussie flag tattooed on his forehead?

What an arsehole! I hope he gets what he deserves...and the deceitful girlfriend as well! There sure a some low-life about who obviously have no consciences. Perhaps he and the wife's girlfriend will share an STD!

The trick is to drive a "No Dickhead Taxi." Strangely enough, the dickheads usually realise that yours is a NDT, and that as they're dickheads, they're better off getting into another taxi.

I've been driving a NDT since about 2004 -- can't really say I've had any problems since then. :)

Amazingly, I saw some of that same Lawn Bowls action myself. Best thing for insomnia. I wonder how those young guys get into the game?

JUst another night in the life of a taxidriver Adrien. I remember it well!

Reminds me of a professional footballer here in Canberra who I regularly drove for while Hire Car driving a few years ago. He used the excuse of "attending an official/sponsors function" to his wife but always seemed agitated, nervous and moody when being delivered to and picked up from his girlfriends place....must be a sign of having at least some moral fibre. Still, a fare's a fare.

As they say in the classics, "What a fuckwhit."

His agitated actions indicate that he was probably on ex-tacy, a common party drug. Makes you feel extremely hot, among other side effects.

In posting this story it was really tempting not to omit or change some identifying details. However I figured sooner or later jerks like him get their just deserts.

The Benny Hill Faith ministeries?

That made me chuckle. All dancing around the church to the Benny Hill theme song.

I think it's Benny Hinn, but Benny Hill is much better.

So after getting an $80 fare you're pissed off with not also getting a $20 tip (in a country where tipping is the exception rather than the norm).

Don't you think maybe you're expecting a little bit much?

Yobbo, your comment surprises me as a tip was the furthest thing from my mind. Just getting paid was my major concern plus some basic respect would've been a bonus.

I spoke to some drivers last night about this fare and their view was his behaviour was typical of arseholes attempting to create a shitfight as an excuse not to pay.

Yobbo, I would back up Adrian by simply adding that he described a situation where the guy was being a jerk about pulling his money out and in the way he demanded change. It's one thing to say "change please", or EVEN say *nothing* and sit there, expecting change. Saying "CHANGE" like a jerk, well, is jerk behaviour. So Adrian's reaction in his writing was totally logical IMHO.

Hopefully the Jerk's wife may stumble upon this and catch him - or perhaps some other form of poetic justice will be visited upon him.

I see that Yobba has brought out his wooden spoon for use again in 2007...perhaps he received a new one for Christmas as his other one must be pretty worn out by now!

I hope his Johnson failed to work in the precise moment. Would serve him right. The wife's girlfriend is just as bad.

It sounded to me like he didn't want to pay the fare as well. Hesitating like that? I thought he was going to only give up the 50 and run.

Sounds to me like you are all blowing it out of all proportion. He might have hesitated just because he remembered he was supposed to go to the bank or something. Maybe he was deciding whether to pay cash or use his card.

He paid in full. You got an $80 fare, which is highway robbery in any case. I can fly to Bangkok for $65 but it would cost more than that to take a Taxi to the airport.

The jerk here is you, for expecting a tip (in a country where, let me repeat, tipping is not and should not be expected). And then blogging a whine post about a guy who didn't give you one.

Yobbo, you've totally misread the post. You're smarter than that so either wise up or piss off.

Put on your glasses, Yobbo and stop being a where did Adrian write that he expected a tip!

You're full of it Yobbo. Its a long trip, $9.00 in tolls for a start. Like most business there is a hell of a lot of costs to take out. I don't thing taxi drivers are overpaid. $65.00 to Bangkok? might be on that plane they found down the bottom of the ocean the other day. Doing the dirty with your wife's friend what a sleaze.

opps think not thing.

Yobbo, how can you call any fare - $8.00 or $80.00 "highway robbery" ?
Cabbies earn less than the teenagers that work at Maccas - the same kids that we take home at midnight.
Wait a minute...Do you drink at Darling Harbour? Have you got a girlfriend in Cronulla? A friend of your wife?
Adrian, I think I know who "The Jerk" is...

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