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Beijing is putting on a significant effort to curb spitting in advance of the Olympics, including the distribution of 'spit sacks'. Yeah, it's pretty nasty. I've also heard of a non-lethal weapon being developed for battlefields and riot control that projects the amplified sound of a crying baby, so it's either worse than vomiting or used because it's more sustained.

Yuck! I think spitting is gross. Thankfully, that disgusting habit seems to be at a decline these days . There used to be nothing worse than hearing the sound of a man winding himself up for a huge 'golly'spit! Ewwwwwwwww!

Spitting is one of those great mysteries. Can someone please explain why people (usually male) do it? Of course our cricketers are great spit role models - puke.

Urgh no, spitting is awful - I hate the sound of it, much worse than chundering.

To me, probably the worst sound would be hearing someone get belted up, all that squelching and smashing, really makes me feel more queasy than enything else.

My understanding is that use of a tissue or hankie to wipe or blow the nose is considered impolite in some Asian countries thus the development of the habit to sniff the phlem (sorry but what else could I say) back up and spit it out.

This then of course leads to the spread of further germs/infections causing more runny noses -> Viscous Cycle 101.

Simmo, yeah, I've noticed Korean passengers in particular have no qualms in snorting back phlegm, loudly. Also wonder if a Chinese diet based on MSG is the cause of gunk constantly rising in the gullet. Same condition can affect smokers and those with ulcers and stomach infections.

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