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adrian 7pm seems very late to start your shift do you get lower payins.in 26 years of pushing cabs driving manly most of the time i have never been that lucky to get a airport to bayview,best one was to dee why,but i have had a few going the other way ie had one to helensburgh and a few months back got one to cranebrook as you know both over $100 jobs but going way the wrong way for a manly taxi.And sorry to be padantic but american chopper is set in new jersey not california.

Back then when, I wanted to become one of yous. I liked driving and meeting people (go figure). But something happened, and I didn't. Been following u for a while, and u verify my opinion about cabbies: u do not just have a job, u offer social service. :)

Am also contemplating a move down there at some point, need to plan it. If i do, shall I book u to pick me from the airport?

Good onya Adrian for cheering him up :-)

Orange Coounty Choppers is located in Orange County, New York state.


The show you were watching is called "American Chopper". It's on the Discovery Channel here in the US. The Tutel family, who own OCC, is now very famous, thanks to that show. They're in commercials for Napa auto parts, and 7-11.

Good advice to that young chef, Adrian...good money to be had over in WA and up around the coalfields in the Bowen Basin in Qld. as well.

Don't you love it when you have a good night, and then it ends even better?

Glad to hear you cheered the young man up!

SC cabbie, I'm really tired from endless work this month plus the heat has me starting late. Same pay-in, lower wage, unfortunately.
Itelli, unfortunately I can't be privately booked but thanks for the kind sentiments, and others.
David, I'd assumed Orange County was the Californian one so thanks for the tip, and SC. I hear the Chopper series is also here on cable.

And on this dream night (12 hours work) you still only managed to earn what most people earn in an 8 hour day......

This taxi driving thing really stinks..... best you can hope for is a normal days wage..... worst you can get is $4-$5 an hour........

The hole taxi industry stinks.......
How can anybody support a family on a taxi drivers wage?

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