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Adrian here in Perth we don't have to run thru the holding yard and/or feeder rank when there are no cabs and people waiting. In fact we can drop off and turn straight into the rank at these times an act that would be fatal for the driver if tried during quieter times.

There is rumor of the taxi queuing system being changed here so maybe we will adopt a similar system to that you describe, that would add significant time to getting a cab to the people at times of peak demand.

I am an ex-cab / limo driver from Queensland and we have had the same rubbish. The airport provides such terrible conditions...... and then they fine us for the smallest infringement.

I got booked for helping 2 eldery Italian tourists with their luggage.......

Cab driving/limo driving is a terribly paid job.... I think I averaged about $8- an hour...... AND THEY WONDER WHY CAB DRIVERS ARE SO GRUMPY!

Why are you so angry with the "hire car touts?"
These are just men and women who are trying to scratch out a living.

Having done both the taxi / limo driving I can say that both are much the same.

Limo driving is nice as you have a nice car, usually better customers and nobody calls you "cabbage"...... but it also sucks - as no touting is allowed, you don't earn anything between bookings........

Taxi driving is probably the worser of the 2 jobs..... people have absolutely no respect for you..... they think you are a "cabbage, a second class citizen, a loser" ...... all because I want to work and not get the dole.

Please don't attack limo drivers..... it is a very hard way to earn a quid........

AND THE uniforms really suck!

"Why are you so angry with the "hire car touts?""

Because they are his competitors. Adrian for some reason believes that the only people who should have the right to drive others around are Taxi drivers. And he believes the government should step in and ban anyone who wants to try.

Paul, hire car touts annoy me as they do for all cabbies relying upon legislation against the practise. Hire cars are only authorised to carry private bookings. Unlike taxis they are not classed as public transport, but a private hiring service for a different market.

Airport hire cars touts illegally cherry-pick lucrative work from intending taxi passengers. Don't understand this Yobbo ? Then get a job in a regulated competitive industry and you too will be annoyed at those stealing your work.

Yes, the taxi and hire car industry is regulated. Whether one agrees with regulation or not that's the way it is. Drivers either accept those operating conditions or they get out.

Paul, as you well know taxi driving is a challenging profession requiring more than simple driving ability, command of English and locality knowledge. It's unforgiving and sorts out those not up to it. Hence the high attrition rate of some 70% of new drivers quitting within the first 18 months.

Whilst for me work is more than about money, many cabbies do support families by perservering with long, hard hours. Those with a strong work ethic, intiutive abilities, some foresight and street smarts can make good money by applying themselves.

After ten years driving cabs I still enjoy the job, so call me lucky. Not only do I go to work with a real sense of anticipation and a positive attitude but also take pride in my service and retain my dignity. If others have a negative or stereotyped view of cabbies, then obviously that's their problem, not mine.

Yobbo would pick a fight with himself if he couldn't find any one else to pick one with, Adrian....and at the rate he is going in life, he will only have himself left to do that know he would swear black is white etc., just for the hell of it...he loves a stir. It becomes a bit monotonous after a while though, I reckon. Same old, same old....

Whatever Lee. I have maintained a long-standing opposition to taxi regulation since before Adrian even started this blog, as he can tell you.

Yes, the taxi and hire car industry is regulated. Whether one agrees with regulation or not that's the way it is.

Obviously not many people do Adrian, or the touts would be wasting their time.

It's not good enough to just say "This is what the legislation says so this is the best way". Not all laws are made with the intention of being beneficial. This legislation is purely in place to protect the profits of taxi-plate owners, a considerably powerful lobby group in most Australian states.

And the people who are harmed by it are the 99.9% of the general public who do not drive taxis.

I may be some sort of far-right radical, but I don't believe in laws that advantage 0.01% of the population to the detriment of the other 99.9%.

Okay Yobbo, enough of your rubbish. No longer can you use Cablog to indulge in willful supposition, post sneering comments or twist my words to suit your own agenda. This constant negative attitude towards myself, other cabbies and the industry has become infantile and boring.

You want to change taxi industry policy ? Campaign somewhere else until you learn basic comprehension and honest debate. Congratulations on being Cablog’s first sin-binned commentor. All comments using the name 'Yobbo' are blocked for thirty days.

Good for you, Adrian!

haha fark yeah


My partner and I did fly into Sydney last weekend and we did wait...and waited for a taxi. Your taxi! We couldn't find you outside the Bourbon (and Beef) bar/Arun Thai, Potts Point or the Dolphin hotel, Surrey Hills.

Bitterly disappointed.

Regular vouyeur to your site. Daily viewing. Keep up the entertaining work.

Comment deleted.

All comments using the name 'Sam Ward' are blocked for the next 29 days.


Thanks Wokka, unlucky but it's the thought which counts and much appreciated.

I don't see why Y's comment deserved banning.

It's your site, obviously, and you can ban whoever and delete whatever you like. But this looks like banning not for "how" he's stated his views, but solely because you don't agree with them.

Isn't taking such a stand likely to have a serious affect on people willing to discuss things with you in your comments? "I'd better not disagree with Adrian; he'll ban me and delete my comments. Ah well, I guess I'll find a more open forum to discuss these things."

I know it's your livelihood and all, but surely you can defend the policy you support in argument, without having to resort to banning those who disagree.

Perhaps "Y" may like to look into why Taxi Licencing began. Oliver Cromwell, who gave us parliamentary democracy, also gave us cab licencing. I challenge opponents of taxi licencing to research Cromwell's reasons for initiating licencing.

It may help somewhat the anti-licencing case if opponents of licencing also research why Cromwell (years) later rescinded this.

However the reasons for recommencing licencing some 35 years after Cromwell rescinded it definitely do not help the anti-licencing cause.

Jeremy, notwithstanding the irony of being challenged by a serial comment banner/deleter as yourself, and given this is my first ever comment ban/delete outside of vicious profanity, personal abuse or the dreaded spam, I'll respectfully address your points...

1) ...this looks like banning not for "how" he's stated his views, but solely because you don't agree with them.

I do agree with Y on the general principle of deregulation of the taxi industry. In fact I've posted a number of times how the NSW Government is facing a $10m fine from the Federal Government for not deregulating as directed by their Fair Competition mob.

He's just pissed off I won't publicly support him, for reasons which will become clear.

As previously stated taxi politics bores me to tears, mainly due to it's incestuous control by the 'taxi mafia', another point of mutual agreement. Yet Y conveniently forgets my position on this.

However the taxi mafia is a filthy bed I'm not prepared to climb into as there are industry forums dedicated to them, constantly bitching and with drivers turning against each other.

However just because Cablog is a public website, it doesn't hold I want it turned into a crusading forum for industry politics. Cablog is primarily about my passengers, who they are, what they do and why they do what they do.

2) Isn't taking such a stand likely to have a serious affect on people willing to discuss things with you in your comments?

If Y applied basic comprehension skills when reading my reports he would see I cautiously avoid inviting debate on industry politics. As such I determine what endless debates I feel are worth expending valuable time and effort over, as is my right.

Just because he's got a pet grievance doesn't mean myself or readers are interested and will indulge him when he manipulates Cablog reports around to those pet issues. That he rarely finds support amongst readers is testament to this lack of interest.

As readers come here for the social commentary rather than industry politics we largely pass up the opportunities Y wrangles for debate. When that tactic fails he then seeks to bait me with sneering supposition masquerading as fact - "Oh, Adrian holds this/that view" which serves to misrepresent me in a negative light. Huh ? Piss off.

3) ...surely you can defend the policy you support in argument.

A close reading of my posts reveals I rarely present argument on industry politics.

By reporting the conditions of operation by which taxis and hire car drivers must abide for their licence and livelihood, it does not automatically denote agreement with those conditions. It simply reflects the fact myself and other drivers know what we must do to make a living, whether we agree with the regulations or not.

Most likely Jeremy, working in law you too are subject to some regulations with which you personally disagree. But that doesn't mean you're willing to use your blogsite as a platform to agitate for industry change. Not only would that be a waste of time and energy with readers endlessly talking past each other, an unfortunate hallmark of blogging, but it would also jeopardise your professional standing.

Whilst there's an appropriate time and place for such issues, for both of us, blogging is a hobby not a business tool.

Finally what's pretty clear to most, Y simply wouldn't/couldn't understand and continued his campaign of off-topic baiting. Whilst that is really his problem I reached the end of my patience and said enough.

Therefore until he stops twisting my posts with his own agenda, then he'll be treated as a troll for vexatious behaviour. Which is unfortunate as he's an otherwise smart cookie and excellent blogger.

"a serial comment banner/deleter as yourself"

I only ban/delete abusive trolls. People who attack my other other commenters' families, jobs etc, or who spam comment threads. A "serial comment banner/deleter"? Where'd you pull that from?

I have never banned someone for expressing a contrary opinion.

I never get a taxi in Australia if at all possible because they often have long waits and excessively high prices. I wish some seller of an alternative transport option would "accost" me.

It took me a while when overseas to learn that taxis can indeed be convenient and cheap. Just not in Australia.

Convenient & cheap taxis overseas? Would that be USA, UK, Austria, New Zealand, France, Sweden, Canada or Germany? Or perhaps India, Singapore, Taiwan, Laos, Thailand, Bahrain or Nigeria?

I can understand Adrian's decision to ban. Though probably wouldn't do it myself. "Y" at times can be (deliberately?)an obtuse and exasperating pain in the neck.

Jeremy, it would appear I'm guilty of indulging in 'sneering supposition masquerading as fact'. After researching the source of my assumption I can find no specific evidence you've baned/deleted comments 'expressing a contrary opinion'. Hence I unconditionally apologise for that lazy assertion. Oh dear, my bad.

Consequently, on that basis alone, I've decided to unban Yobbo from Comments and call off the jam.

See the relevant comment thread at Yobbo's to witness 'Steve at the pub' (deliberately?) being an obtuse and exasperating pain in the neck.

Gobbo gets banned so often from everywhere, it's like an initiation Adrian - don't feel bad.

Like Where, Magnet?

Oh wait, I get it. You are just trolling to get people to go and read your unknown blog. Sad really.

What?! Has it been 30 days already? I must be coming out of some sort of hyper sleep. Time sure flies at Cablog.

Hi Adrian,

What great reading!

We flew into Sydney Domestic earlier in January and we were approached by a chap asking if we needed a cab - of course we did!!!

However, it all turned ugly when he realised our destination of Alexandria, and at this stage he advised that the fare would be $55.00 - my husband and I almost choked, and then laughed at his ridiculous quote. The driver then yelled at me about how rude I was and stamped off.

As it turned out - he was a Hire Car operator as it was not long before he had convinced another passenger to travel with him.

OK we had to queue for a cab - ten minutes, and for the princely sum of $13.00 we were home!

I understand that our location is not every airport cabbies dream - but our driver was pleasant and a darn sight cheaper than $55.00!!!!

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