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How would they find out that they have been shamed?

Assuming that they find out, public shaming may be desirable, but the risk of being threatened with a defamation suit creeps in....

Let me guess: the Coogee Bay?

Great post, Adrian....some people are so up themselves it's a wonder they don't turn inside out!
And with the size of their mouth it's a wonder there's any oxygen left for the rest of us!

You should be commended for your self-control...I doubt I could be as controlled as you appeared to be in the face of that banshee!

I live in an older area of my small regional city, where the only disturbance is the occasional ambulance turning up nearby to give one of the many elderly longterm owner-occupiers in the area a lift to the other side. Until recently, that is. Bogans (let's call them "The Aus-bournes") have moved directly across the road from us and since then it's been a constant barrage of barking (sadly through neglect) dogs, V8 'comma-daws' dropping burnouts, 2am arguments and regular police visits.

What am I supposed to do about it? Well, they're renting, so I could call the real estate agent and lodge a complaint, but that might anger our new neighbours. And besides, if these tossbags had enough collective brain cells to apply for and obtain a lease, then the next tennants could be even worse...

Ben: Complain, complain, complain. They won't know it is you. The best thing you can do is use all the resources available to you (cops, rental agents, etc) to make life as uncomfortable as possible for them.

I once lived next to some terrible trash who played awful music all hours day and night, had drunken rows, and so on, and it was really affecting all of our mental and physical health, until finally I just started getting the cops around every time they showed a hair on their ass. They don't get friendlier but they did quieten down. You have the right to peace and quiet.

Good point Fabian and yes, if it can be proven a reputation is damaged.
Ab, sorry, can't help you.

Sorry Adrian - I know I need help ;}} but I don't recall asking for any - what are you referring to?

Re Amy Alkon, that was so opportunistic & unethical, I know you'd never do something like that unless a person was completely morally vaccuous. Sometimes business happens on the run & I think people have a right not to have their personal space invaded just because they make a phone call in a loud cafe - that's just a disgrace. There's an excellent Perth lawyer who specializes in internet defamation and actually created a precedent in relation to suing successfully for it.

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