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Hi Adrian, found your blog on Stephs blog which I found on bocktherobbers blog....I found his blog on hangarqueens blog etc. etc. I have to say that I think the cabbies are the ones that get the worst of it, not too long ago in Indonesia many ethnic Chinese cabbies were murdered for being christians and in the North of Ireland many cabbies from both sides were murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. My cousin is a Cabbie in Cork city Ireland, he was put in the boot of his own taxi by a couple of IRA thugs, he got away with a few scratches...he still drives a taxi, fair play to him and you for the great blog.

Perth cabbies have been required to undergo psych testing on entry to the industry for some years now. It was originally thought up as a response to the Claremont murders. All it amounts to is an IQ test paired with a Myer-Briggs style test and enrichment of a single psychologist. It's about as effective as astrology.

Assaults on cabbies are far more prevalent than assaults on passengers, and while the latter are serious, I can't see any good reason to beat the story up.

Klein, I with you on the Myers-Briggs - way too scientology but if most rapes and indecent accaults on passengers are unreported then how do you judge which assault is more prevalent?
The post is providing balance to the mentions of assaults on cabbies and is not a beat-up but in fact in line with the AJA's code of conduct for journos(which Adrian is, as a blogger). He is keeping the information fair and balanced - good one Adrian.

Little has been said that the charges against this man were wrong and have now all bee dropped!
The media is so fast to put it out there but not fast enough to let people know that the police were wrong!

Little has been said that the charges against this man were wrong and have now all bee dropped!

If you provide the name and link I'll be happy to post an update.

It has been all over the news in Perth including CH 7 & 9 News, radio, and newspapers...
Not 100% sure if it has made it onto the WWW as yet!


Thanks unknown, I've recently done an update.

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