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"Now at home, I feel even worse ..."

Don't worry about it. You're allowed to have a bad day once in a while, it's part of being human. It's not your fault that the guy happened to ride in your cab on that day.

"Prior to this I picked up a fella in his thirties who was happily drunk and heading home with two female companions."

It doesn't sound like you spoiled his evening or anything. Give yourself a break.

We all have our 'moments', Adrian. It sounds like your passenger didn't even notice your mood. You sound like me...I can beat up on myself far worse than anyone else lighten up...all is not lost! ;)

The tower's down? Why tell you? You're only the schmuck who loses money because of their ignorance and lack of communication.
If you were salaried, it'd be an inconvenience. Because you're on the gig you are, you lose money. It's contemptible.

Pissed and goiung home with 2 girls, yep I don't reckon he'd be too worried about much.

In short I was furious. Finally after two patchy hours of street hails I turned off my Vacant light and travelled to Alexandria.

Adrian you got off lucky mate. Here in Perth if I'd had that problem NOTHING is open until 8am Monday morning. It's a simple fact, we operate a 24/7 industry and our support is only available 8am - 4pm.

On the mechanical side I once lost a whole weekend (Fri/Sat nite) with 8000 yankie sailors in town because my fan belt broke 2 hrs into my shift. The depot I worked out of refused to allow anyone other than their mechanic to work on the vehicles and he wouldn't be back on till Monday morning 8am. They lost 5 shift fees for want of a fan belt. I only got to work Sunday night because they had a spare car otherwise I would have missed that as well.

Not making lite of your trouble by any means. I know everyone of us has been there at some point.


The fact that you felt badly shows the depth of your character and that you are not so blinded by your day-to-day problems to appreciate the sacrifices made by others. I think you're terrific and if ever I make it to your grand country I'll look you up.

Way to go!

No apologies needed... shite often happens Adrian - and I doubt that member (nor any others) would have worried to much about it mate! Funny how when you've got your mouth open - it's actually quite easy to put both your feet in (I've done it many times too). You've done what most people can't though Adrian - you've managed to 'take them out again', and with dignity too I might add... don't worry, it was simply a bad day - and thanks for the thought. ;-)

Thanks folks for your kind reassurances. I may be just a schmuck in the networks eyes but passengers are where the real job satisfaction lies. And thank God for the armed services. Have a great Christmas.

"You have not been in Afghanistan, I perceive." :)

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