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Nothing like smashing the poms, but it does get boring when we do it so easily. The loss in the previous series actually has me watching test cricket again, even the missus has begun to watch and theorize about the English game plan.

Even I'm watching this series! I think there's a new breed of cricket-watchers this series...has to be, if I'm watching! ;)

Ah, the stick-ball-AFL field game... Everyone's talking about it at the moment, and it shits me to tears...

Bring on the League season!!


Your cunning plan has failed - we won in adelaide :P

Nothing like watching the Poms get smashed in cricket alright! That was an amazing game. After such high scoring, I'm still laughing that we got the poms out so cheaply and hence won! :-B

I called my brother-in-law, who's English. When he went to work that morning England were capable of securing a draw. He was almost in tears when I broke the news.

English Cricket R.I.P.

So nice of the Poms to invent a game then bring it to Australia to learn how to play it!!!

It was a great game. I am glad I watched it!

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