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Hey Adrian, Boggo Rd is a museum now. But out at the new Wacol detention centre, they'll have his room booked.

Take care Adrian or you could find yourself in legal hot water for breaching copyright with the images there and that would be 'Dumb'

I can see no harm in showing this creature's pic...why shouldn't it be shown? He committed the crime...he should be able to accept his 'celebrity status'! Copyright or no copyright...this guy gave up all rights by committing the crime! Let's hope they have the welcome mat out at Wacol, waiting on his arrival.

Lee, the chap with the knife doesn't have any "copyright" rights. But the paper that published it might.

Thanks Aurelius, Wacol it is. I guess Lee was saying this robber forfeited his right to privacy in a very public way.

Nathaneil, usually these images are owned by the taxi company and require police clearance for general release to the media. For us taxi bloggers, such images are worth promoting to demonstrate that digital taxi cameras work in the dark.

That's right, was he to whom I was referring. I know the paper probably has copyright over the pic but I'm sure they could care less.

Adrian I totally agree anything we can do to show these creeps they can't get away with it is worth it.

Lee the creep has no rights in my mind, he should be praying the cops get him before the cabbies mates do.

I got confused for a moment then remembered I'm reading an Australian blog (funny though, to consider the idea "why is the mugger in the driver's seat? how does that make sense?" ... oh, right, other side of the road oops.) Silly me - I need more sleep. ;)

Betcha otehrs with more rest made the same mistake though. :)

Show the scum's face. Robbing a working man, who is he trying to seperate himself from.

Waco, wherethe fuck! This idgit is going to end up at the Metropolitan Remand & Reception Centre, MRRC, part of the Silverwater complex. He'll be lauded as credible for robbing some one face to face, not one of the weaklings that robs you while you're out. Funny world huh.

Nathaniel...I didn't say that the creep had any rights. Read both of my previous comments and you will see no where did I say he had any rights.

Carl, the robbery was of a *Brisbane* taxi driver, not a Sydney one. Brisbane's prisons are in the suburb of Wacol, about half-way betwixt Brisbane and Ipswich. I have my doubts that the NSW Government would ever agree to house prisoners from other states.

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