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I have no idea on the exact details of this tragic accident, but I would be interested to know peoples opinions on dangerous truck drivers.
I travel up and down Pennant Hills Road almost every day, and not a day goes by without me seeing a massive truck speeding down, not able to keep in his own lane, and all whilst the driver is talking on the mobile phone!!!
I know theres plenty of idiots who do that in normal cars as well, but the potential for tragedy is huge with this big rigs...

Sure there are dangerous truck drivers but there are far more dangerous car drivers that seem to like the idea of a 40ton or bigger vehicle using them as a hood ornament.

I drive a cab but I also have my truck lic and have driven several different trucks. Car drivers redefine the term idiot

Each are as bad as each other...they are all matter what!

Glad you are safe, Adrian. :)

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