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Sounds like your Saturday night was a lot more enjoyable than my Saturday night -- working the Dixie Chicks show at our local sports arena/smellatorium. Jeez, they're playing on November 11th, you'd think a small bit of thanks for any veterans in the crowd would be nice. After all, they are playing a town with an Air Force base and a large Army base in it. (Both of which you drive by coming into town on the freeway.) But no, just the ugly skank lead-singer doing her little smirk about the recent elections and Rumsfeld being gone.

And, truth to be told, their show really wasn't that good. I've seen enough bands, both as a customer and as an employee, to know a good show when I see one. Not that I feel bad for the suckers, I mean fans, who bought tickets for, and put money into the pockets of, that band and the snooze-fest they put on.


Interesting, Adrian, and depressing. I know what my dear old dad would have said about such young women, and it wouldn't have been too different from the utterances of the Sheik.

I witnessed something on Saturday that just saddened me and made we wonder what's happening to females. Hit the link. It probably is the drugs. I was struck by how this woman was out of it, but was so focussed on the task at hand.

Here's a question I can't help but ask... Would have you... if the woman/women were hot instead and did know how to walk in stilettos and didn't swear, smoke dope or rap manically... and they were going to a less cheap hotel and wearing non-micro minis instead? Or would you just feel violated/harassed? Or have you ever in the past been in such a situation and said yes?

Dey wuz messin' wit you...

It's a funny thing, Lisa...I think I'm a pretty good judge of people...in real life and through the Net...I reckon Adrian's answer to your query would be 'No'. Maybe I'm naive...but I do think there are still some people left in this world who have dignity and pride about themselves...I think Adrian could just be one of those. His posts point that way, to me.

6 months ago you said this sort of thing never, ever happened.

And yet your first thought was that they were asking to pay for the cab ride with sexual favours. If that never happens why would you think that? Hmmmm....

David, I can't help thinking Dixie Chicks is a southern fried chicken chain.
Darlene, I couldn't lodge a comment on your post. Had any other problems with the comment facility ?
Lisa, a different style and manner from the girls wouldn't have changed anything for me. I simply don't want to know and have never considered such stuff.
Anthony, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
Lee, on the money.
Yobbo, did I really say that..? Yes, such overt advances are as rare as hen's teeth, but 'never, ever'..? I dunno.

Oi, boyo! Who you calling an aging sleaze bag!?

Bono, I'm impressed you're posting at 7:37am the morning after your gig in Sydney, as if. Mate, any middle-aged bloke who bumps and grinds with Kylie, other than me of course, is a sleaze bag. Lucky bastard.

I haven't had problems with comments before, as far as I'm aware, Adrian.

It must have been misbehaving.

I once had two crazed teens smoke a bowl of heroin in my cab. I thought I was smelling my brakes burning. Their chatter soon turned to stupor, and then I realised what they were up to. I had to rouse the two guttersnipes when I got them home.

Bono can do the do with Kylie all he wants. It's the dance with Bush that makes me wonder what gives.

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