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Police down here in Melbourne are seeking witnesses to an assault by a taxi driver on a passenger, who got to his destination and then wanted to go inside to get some money. Driver then appears to have struck him, while the passenger is on the ground the driver appears to have struck him with a baseball bat several times causing a broken jaw, and several broken ribs.

Thats one driver that needs to be off the rooad.

Great blog! Have added you to my blog roll (Across the Pond) - I am enjoying reading your posts.

Hey Adrian,
We are all Aussies... Whats with the Chinese disent crap and Pacific Islander Crap...

I think the ethnic origin of the participants is pretty relevant actually - imagine your average Chinese guy against your average Pacific Islander. Misplaced political correctness strikes once again...

Good story Adrian. It's nice to see that the justice system works at times.

Were all Aussies....

What PC crap. It might be the case that the people involved here were Aussies but there is nothing wrong with mentioning their ethnicity. Its descriptive. Nothing wrong with that.

Dang straight that was self defence. Glad to see that Australian courts have some sense left (near as I can tell in the UK you do NOT have much of a right to self-defence left).

I see nothing wrong in saying what ethnicity they were! Please stop with the political-correct b/s!

How do you know the Pacific Islanders were "Aussies" Adrian ?

Maybe they were tourists.

I haven't read a non - critical comment from you on this site. Perhaps you think this is some political site where the usual commenters come to fight it out with trolls. If so you are wrong.

To the other adrian - keep up the good work.

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