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Too cold in Virginia for that, alas. Good friend of mine is going for a week in the Dominican Republic where it IS warm & sunny.

Sounds good to me! I'm going to get lost up here in my cabin on the mountain for the weekend. Rain is falling gently on the roof, and has been since late last night. I hope it continues. I love rainy days and nights. I have no plans to see another soul.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Yay, rain on the roof here in Darwin today too; first time since last wet season... luv it :-)

Happy punting to ya all.

Wish I could be it's snowing and 5 degrees below zero - yikes!

Enjoy the warm weather,
Your fan from Finland

I'm not punting today...but I am watching the race meeting on television...I love watching all the races this time of the year. Magnificent animals!

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