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My friend's partner turned up to the polling booth the other day looking like a pimp.

I immediately said, "Movember".

You're a handsome chap, and you'll look even more handsome without the mo.

Good on you Aaron! My man is doing it too and he is sporting one dirty mo. But, hey, I've grown to like it.

It's so refreshing to see guys not afraid to take the mickey out of themselves just a little bit to raise awareness for a very worthy cause. Kudos to all the Mo Bros.

Kellie, I'm interested to know why exactly you like the mo, I can't stand them. And Darlene congratulations, I think you may have been the biggest Cablog donator.

Hi Adrian, here is my effort at a porn star special. http://gibbosplace.blogspot.com/

I'd love to shave it off today but Mrs Gibbo has informed me she likes it ;-) This makes for an awful hard decision!

Well done to your son as well.

Cheers, Gibbo

Gosh, da man's da spitting image of his dad & no worse for the mo, I think - but we'd have to see a photo of Aaron clean-shaven, to be sure.

Well done Aaron - I dips me lid to ya for your mo-tivation.

I liked it because it looked a bit cheeky... unfortunately, he took it off on November 30!

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