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Hi Adrian,
I think that it's revenue raising that's got completely out of control.
I saw a small truck being booked on a Loading Zone on Bathurst St the other day. It had "hotel fittings" signwriting on it.
The young driver was unloading the truck and taking material into a small pub on the corner of Bathurst & Pitt Sts, which was being refurbished.
I thought that you couldn't get a more legitimate
reason for using a Loading Zone.
The ticket writer must have got him on some
It really is out of control, because of the amount of money involved.

That'll teach you to be a romantic, Adrian! ;)
What a wonderful and novel wedding cake! Great! The pics are very nice indeed. The wedding party look lovely.

I hope you didn't go 'bogan' style in your 'flannie'! ;)

Getting booked was pretty mean,I reckon.

Hadn't seen you around for a while and was hoping all was okay with you.

Bill, you've got that right, revenue raising out of control, a blatant rip-off reaping heaps from motorists. So much for determining if parking is inconveniencing others or giving benefit of doubt. I'm not even going to contest my fine, a waste of time.
Lee, I dressed accordingly, throwing on a jacket for the reception. Currently away for a few days.

I hope your time away is for pleasure, Adrian. Take care.


You said: "I'm not even going to contest my fine, a waste of time."

Of course it would be a waste of time conesting your fine, because you broke the law, you are guilty.

Do you really think its that unfair that you can't park your taxi on a rank and go socialising for the day?

What if everyone did that? How many times have you pulled up on a rank and there is a private car parked on there? Do you think to yourself (its ok, he is probably at a wedding)?

If it wasn't for the parking inspectors, you would never find a free taxi rank to pull up on and do your job. Now if you must know, I'm not a parking officer, and I'm not a taxi driver. I'm a 'normal' person.

I just can't believe you think that because you are a taxi driver you can get 24hr free parking anywhere you want.

Smith, traffic fines can be successfully appealed on points of reasonable explanation, technicality, benefit of the doubt, spirit of the law, etc. It’s rare but not unheard of.

Therefore, given your stringent interpretation of the parking law and false perception of my breach, you've now inspired me to investigate appealing the fine.

Having already acknowledged the breach I have nothing to lose and it may be rewarding. Thanks, stand by...

Good luck... keep us posted.

Hi Adrian, I'm a builder working not far from the casino. Last week one of the lads got a $155 fine for parking across the road which is no stopping after 3pm. He parks in a parking building and was just picking up tools. The week before a person who came to see me had no change. He went out but the ranger had already got him. I just pay up. Don't start me on the fees they charge us for working in the city. End result, I will only work for existing clients in the inner city its just too much hassle. Unless you have a very good case don't waste your time fighting them.
Cheers Peter.

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