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I think Halloween is more trouble than it is worth.

Halloween here in the US now has a Split Personality. Children still enjoy the day, but now teenagers, and the so-called adults find it a reason to get out of control.

Sign of our times...again...and what a shame it is that good, innocent fun is always ruined by idiots!

Bring back 'the good old days'...when such fun could be enjoyed without fear of violence/abuse occurring. I wanna go back!!!!!!!

Friggin trick or treaters cleaned out my stash of junk food.

Why must we always copy the US?
I desperately needed a munch last night and there was nothing left. Gah!

Steph...we are not copying the US with Halloween.

‘Samhuinn’ (pronounced ‘sow-en’) was the most important of the ‘fire festivals’ of the ancient Celts. It’s said it marked the Celtic New Year. Down the line a bit, the Western Christian calendar changed the original festival of ‘Samhuinn’ into ‘All Saints’ Day’. The Celts commenced every day at sunset of the previous night. ‘Samhuinn’ eventually became the modern ‘Halloween’. The history of Halloween is very interesting and intriguing.

I bet you feel smart now. The point is that Halloween as observed by trick or treating in costumes is a US custom.

Apart from that though I think it's a cool holiday. Especially when all the girls in cat costumes turn up at the pub.

You just can't help yourself, Yobbo, can you?

My intention wasn't to appear 'smart'...I was just imparting some information...nothing more...nothing less!

I guess you're feeling smart now after your comment!

It is common knowledge that in the US it is celebrated by 'trick or treating', cut out pumpkins, costumes etc. So...what's your point?

I guess I can see why Halloween has spread from here. American cultural imperialism will have truly become unstoppable if you guys Down Under start having big turkey dinners on the 4th Thursday of November.

On the other hand, Cinco de Mayo, the big Mexican holiday, has slowly been seeping into the American cultural fabric. Won't be long before its as big here as St. Patrick's Day.

So cultural imperialism works both ways.

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