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Oh no, now the evil terrorist muslim cabbies are out to destroy the free world and everything we stand for!

I reckon the simple solution is...ban Muslims from driving cabs!

Ever thought about the feelings of blind people Jonno?. I'm doing work for some blind people at present and they have enough to deal with without that. What paper should I read to be as enlightened as you?.

I think its very simple. If you have beliefs that prevent you doing a job properly, you're not qualified to do it, and shouldn't be employed, or licensed to do it. Just like a vegetarian butcher, or a Catholic doctor working at an abortion clinic.

Well said, Peter and 'Living in Canberra'....I bet Johno has never watched current affairs' programmes in his life! ;) Probably doesn't read newspapers either, just Batman comics!

No sharia in the West.

Johno, why the SHOUTING..?

So Johno, if discriminating against people on the grounds of their disability is OK, surely discriminating on the basis of their sex, sexuality, race or religion is fine too?

Its the thin end of the wedge and we legislated to prevent exactly this sort of thing because there are those who will do it given the chance.

I don't watch today tonight or read the tele, but if they are the only media outlets standing up for basic human rights, then I'll damn well start. thanks for the heads up.

Just identify the Muslim cabbies (how about a fluoro-green crescent on the roof?) and allow customers to exercise their own discrimination.

Anthony - how exactly is a blind person supposed to SEE a fluoro-green crescent on the roof?

Samantha, oh yeah good point. And the guide dogs are colour blind so they can't help.

Some sort of signage was proposed for cabbies refusing to transport passengers carrying booze, which along with dogs offends the cab drivers' religion.

Exactly the wrong answer Anthony, the next step from that is shops with "no blacks, asians or jews" signs - if you let Muslims impose their prejudices on us, you can't stop anyone else who wants to give it a shot.

There is a simple answer, pull the licence of any cabbie that does it. no exceptions.

I can't believe this is even an issue of debate - the job requirements are laid out in the legislation and regulations - if you have a personal problem with them, then don't take this form of employment! It's nauseating to think that the community is taking the opinion of this inconsiderate minority seriously.

Just think about it - the blind person needs the dog around just to get by in life. Nobody gave them a choice of being blind or not. Some people really must have no consideration for others.

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