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I'd be interested to know how much money gets put into the various cancers for research and how it compares with actual numbers of people affected. You never hear much about prostate or testicular cancer. Are they underfunded compared to breast/ cervical cancers or just under-publicised?

Dirk interesting question but I'll have to get back to you on this tomorrow, just distracted currently.

I'm with you Adrian. I'll have an update photo up in a day or two showing the progress of my spectacular mo.

Like far too many people, I've lost friends and rellies far too young in life. As valid as all of the womens causes are, mens causes receive far less publicity and funding. Maybe that's because too many men, me included, don't take their health seriously whereas a woman will most likely have a reasonably close relationship with a doctor.

I haven't had a mo for 15 years & it's not helping my rough head. Let's hope we can raise some dosh to make up for it.

Gibbo, congratulations and well done mate. Gibbos Movember effort can be viewed at Gibbos place.

Dirk, here's the major cancers in NSW...

Most common cancers
● In NSW in 2003, the most common cancers overall were cancers of the prostate (14%), large bowel (13%), breast (13%) melanoma of the skin (10%) and lung cancer accounting for 55% of all cancers.
● Four cancers accounted for 59% of new cancers in males.They were cancers of the prostate (26%) and large bowel (13%), melanoma of skin (11%) and lung cancer (10%) .
● Four cancers accounted for 58% of new cancers in females.The most common were cancers of the breast (29%) and large bowel (13%), melanoma of skin (9%) and lung cancer (7%).

Back in 1999, this article suggests prostrate cancer only receives 7% the funding breast cancer did.

Yet even within womens' cancers, breast cancer gets much better publicity than ovarian cancer, despite a much higher survival rate for breast cancer.

It would appear that particular funding levels is also governed by the cost to Government of various cancer drugs.

Pay day's on Wednesday.

Good on him for raising awareness of men's health.

For some reason, a lot of blokes need to be dragged kicking and screaming to the doctor, so this is very positive.

Oh bless him - isn't he gorgeous, with his pointy fingers and his stripey shirt, what a dude.

Darlene, you're a star too.
ab, he's da man with da moves for charity.

You should be very proud of your son Adrian..
Shame on VB for sponsoring this event however, in particular for using David Boon as there image!
Boony was a serious problem drinker.... Why would VB want to associate with a problem drinker when supporting an initiative for mens health.?. Alcohol abuse being something that destroy's mens lives on a daily basis.

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