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He is certainly better than his female equivalent, Sam in the City. She's awful and he actually deals with some topics with depth (eg the blokes who were with Dianne Brimble the night she died).

He's blokey, which is good because it probably means his target audience will be more likely to keep reading, but he's not a tool. There are few MSM blogs that don't suck, not the least because they seem to attract some real loops. The sort of people whose extremist views would otherwise go unnoticed.

Here's a bad cabbie for you:


sam in the city is the most vacuous piece of rubbish. i can't believe she gets paid for that and neither can most of my journalist friends.

sam de brito, on the other hand, has some good things to say. i particularly liked his recent entry about abortion.

I agree, Sam In The City is rubbish, but Sam de Brito is great.

Just read the linked Sam - and although he quotes alot of Biddulph - he appears himself to be a major mangina. What a load of emasculated metro rubbish.

More and more men are turning into wymins these days - that's the tragedy.

On blogging, once a blog gets so big that the blogger doesn't or can't engage in comments then I steer clear. As your anon blogger said "...it's the antithesis of blogging...". I read Blair daily but wouldn't comment a) because I couldn't be arsed to sign up and b) what's the point?

It's the bloggers personality, logic, reasoning, storytelling that I find attractive so if they can't be engaged in comments then I wouldn't bother commenting.

When I was a blogger I fortunately or actually unfortunately never had that dilemna to contest with ha ha.

Thanks Pat, you've made some interesting points as a reader regarding bloggers comment responses, or lack of. I might do a post on the issue and when I have a night off.

You're always welcome to visit my blog, Adrian...whenever you get a spare moment or three. I'll even have a glass of red waiting for you! ;)

Lee, will do.

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