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Unless there has been some rash of attacks by cabbies on customers, I would think this a poor idea. For one thing it smacks too much of the gender segregation of Saudi Arabia.

Let's expand this idea further.
Paint all cabs with the national flag of the driver and then allow the passenger to choose which cab they take. we could even have ranks especially for Muslim drivers so they wouldnt be offended by my six pack or my seeing eye dog or by my sexy wife as I would be able to take a cab from the Aussy rank.

It seems very strange to me that Muslim drivers complain that Aussy passengers have a racist attitude towards them yet Muslim drivers refuse Aussy passengers because of alcohol and guide dogs. It's acceptible practise in a Muslim country to villify a western woman dressed in western clothing but unacceptible to villify a Muslim cab driver in Australia for ignoring Australian accepted practises in Australia.

I find it interesting how easily anti-discrimination laws can be waved away when it suits.

That's because they're not there to stop women discrimintating against men are they?
Imagine if someone set up a cab firm and refused to carry female passengers.....*outcry*

Oh! Dear! I don't see anything wrong with the idea! Let's not allow 'political correctness' and beefed up 'anti-discrimation' take hold! Both are being over-used these days and are 'old hat' in my very humble opinion!

If it means women drivers will feel safer, why the hell not?

I know men cabbies take their lives in their own hands, too...but men are physically stronger than women...we all know that...and I'm not discrimating against them for it! ;)

Amazing how quickly a post about gender was reverted to a comment thread about Islam.

Talking about safety concerns of aussie sheilas are we? Well then we better through in a remark about them bloody muslims, quick sticks.

Because a woman would never feel threatened by an aussie male now would she?

That's a good pointer to some of the mindsets in the Gubmint.

Ditch the anti-discrimination laws when it doesn't suit your touchy feely agenda.

You're the one being 'touchy, feely', PQ...I think you misunderstand what I'm saying. I just get sick and tired of everyone 'tip-toeing' around these days...kid gloves must be selling like hot cakes at present! ;)

Did you even read what I wrote, Lee?

For the record, I was agreeing with Chris about the apparent contempt of goverment apparatchiks for anti-discrimination laws when it doesn't fit their mindset.

And, nobody has ever accused me of being "touchy feely" before.
I think I'll go have a good wash now.

Sorry, offence meant towards you! lol I misunderstood...I thought you were referring to me...I hope you enjoyed your shower! ;)

Touchy feely is probably one of the reasons why segregation is a bonus. There are obvious benefits of providing a service accessible to women if they choose to use it for both cabbies and passengers.

A cabbie that worked over in Perth is the main suspect in the Claremont serial killings, sorry but to me your comments about sexism seem a little petty in the face of the fears experienced over here for the last ten years,& everyone has a mother or a sister or a girlfriend they want to make sure is safely home at the end of the day.

These days we have women only gyms, for privacy sake - why not have a women only taxi service, it's a choice like anything else.

While we are at it lets make a cab out of a paddy wagon or two and call it the drunk cab.

I may've started this thread on the road of Islam (rather than women's safety), but I can't imagine someone using a taxi for crime. A taxi (at least here in the US) is plastered with the Cab #, your id is posted inside the car, and the cab company's phone # is also on the car. In short, you are rolling around with your ID plastered all over. Just about the worst vehicle on the road in which to commit any crime.

Nowt to do with this lot are they I heard that they were trying to expand overseas

Isn't funny how women can make noises about discrimination and glass ceilings or whatever and the sisterhood is right behind their quest for empowerment, but when a man makes any similar noises then he is being thin skinned and childish?
Seems like a restraint of trade to me. I would think that if a woman doesn't feel comfortable with a male driver, then she could call the taxi company and request a woman driver. If a woman driver doesn't feel comfortable driving male passengers around then she should get a job in another industry.

I think this is a brilliant idea. This is just a plain ole safety issue. I think this should be a goer. People might throw out the whole line , this is discrimination. I say B.S to that. If this is what it takes for a woman to feel a little safer going home then I should think we should look at it.

I'd use them as would every single girl I know because it's just not nice to be stuck in a confined space by yourself late at night with a creepy guy looking at you in a way that just isn't right.

And for those suggesting women are being excessive with their concerns for their safety, the majority of rapes and sexual assaults are never reported. So think of the reports there has been of taxi drivers raping and assaulting women and multiply that, add in the more vague sexual comments and perversion and you might have a fraction of an idea about why it's unpleasent to get a taxi home after a few drinks on a Sunday night.

It IS discrimination, Nickyboy.

The point and the complaint is that sometimes discrimination is both necessary and beneficial, which is why government laws on "anti-discrimination" are so stupid.

Of course the government would never find in favour of something that discriminated against females, even though there are similarly good reasons why some organisations would want to exclude females.

Rotten idea.

What this will effectively do is decrease the male driver's proportion of female passengers, thus increasing his hazards. Any cabbie knows that four drunken men represent considerably more risk than four women. If they want to restict their clientele, fine; operate as a small chartered vehicle. Want to be a cabby? Take it as it comes.

Not wanting to sound like a right winger here, but you could draw a parallel with the US military, where women may serve, but not in a front line role. This is fine and dandy, but means less "safe" jobs are available to the men in the same forces, and they are more likely to be put in harm's way.

As for AB's comment, A cabbie being prime suspect in the Claremont killings is just BS, and I'm sick of hearing it. Boy would I like to find the person that started that rumour.

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