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hahaha great post

Nice to see renewed interest in all things outer-suburbs... At a guess, I'm an old style daggy bogan.

Points for taking the effort to model the different styles, and even better that you're in front of the hills hoist. However, the lack of an HQ Holden in the shots is somewhat disappointing.

Maaate, ya got tooooooo much spare time :-))

Great post but.... laughed my a..e off

As for the links, thx.... but how do ya get onto this stuff...... Google - "bogan" ? :-)

Mmm, all the bogan pictures look the same to me proving that a bogan is a bogan is a bogan.

The Hill's hoist is a dead give-away, Adrian! ;)

Nothing wrong with the old 'flannie'...I even had one once! I also swiped a beaut black and white checkered one off a guest once...he cried tears of blood and reckoned he couldn't go home to his wife without it as she had given it to him. I had to relent in the end, with much reluctance and I gave it back to him! I ran into him again a couple of years later and he hadn't forgotten my despicable act! ;) I think he probably is still having nightmares over the incident!

That flannie is old style. The new improved version (which I'm wearing now) has a flannie outer and quilted inner with side pockets. Not too hot for summer and keeps you warm in winter - perfect all weather wear. $20 - at Lowes!

By the way I'm perplexed by the rise in popularity of the term 'bogan'. Isn't that a Melb word? I've always been called either a 'westie' or a 'shacker'. Bogan is one of those elitist put down words Melbourne tools come up with, like 'McMansion'.

QLDers use to say 'Booner' didn't they? We need to keep our linguistic diversity. Bogan is swamping our lexicon - long live the Shacker who doesn't give a rats - long may he reign.

Woops - musn't have closed the italics tag.

I'm a Queenslander, born and bred...I've never heard the word 'booner' used...and I've not led a protected life! ;)

To come to think of it, I've never heard of a 'shacker' or a 'westie', either! Boy! I'm really missing out on a lot! :)

Shacker and Westie are Sydney words. My wife informs me that Canberrans used Booner. I must have confused it with the town Boonah out Ipswich way.

Westie is derived from living west of Glebe Island and Shacker because of the rise in de-facto couplings popular amongst westies, commonly referred to as "shacking up", hence shacker.

Bogan is the word in WA and SA too.

Confirm booner is a Canberra term. I'm a bit disappointed we didn't get any footwear - ie thongs and ugg boots.

"Bevan" is the term used in Queensland, although "bogan" is increasingly popular there.

Probably because of all the Mexicans moving up there and using up all the water.

Boy! Never heard of a 'Bevan' either! I am lacking in education! As for the water...we're going to put a tariff on it for useage by 'Mexicans'! ;)

Bevan - that's it. I knew I was called something starting with a b.

NH, would a VH dunny-door qualify ? It's unregistered so that's gotta count for something. Plus how about I went with the whole flanno/trackie/thongs thing, reckon I'd make Bogan of the Week ?
Ian, Google is your friend.
Darlene, bogans are renowned for possessing a well developed sense of nuance. That you failed to detect this tribal subtlety is understandable.
Lee, flannos and Hills Hoist, totally Australian !
Phil, footwear was an oversight during a one man, self-timer modelling shoot. Rest assured though I was wearing the sheep-skin slippers.
Pat, sure you haven't been suckered by a Canadian wannabe, the lumberjack shirt ? Mate, there's only one flanno, accept no imitations. It's un-Australian. You're either with us or against us. You decide.
Whilst 'bogan' may originally have been a Melbourne term, it seems to have supplanted the 'westie', 'booner' and the 'bevan'. Bogan, works for me.

I should explain, I guess...when I said "guest" in an earlier post of mine...it was a guest at an island resort I was managing...not a guest at my home! lol

Have I been duped?! I feel so ashamed. I'll be checking this out for sure. At least I still have my traditional flannos to fall back on in the interim.

Whatever happened to the epitome of bogan winterwear: the duffle jacket with desert boots? This was the national dress of Wagga Wagga combined with the obligatory ritual of lappin the main.

And whatever happened to Mr Skinnys? A range of sheepskin clothes to replace everything - I'm sure they must have had sheepskin jeans. Our traditions are dying. Bring back the sheepskin sleeveless vest!

A VH Dunny-dore will definately qualify, but to make bogan of the week, you'll really need to paint it in Marlboro/HDT livery with rattle cans and get a sticker for the back window saying "RIP 05"

lol NH...youre comment reminded me of something from long ago.

My boyfriend at the time had a Goggomobile Dart. He wrote a letter Marlboro/Philip Morris putting a very interesting marketing suggestion to them! He suggested that they (and he) do up the 'Goggo' to look like a pack of Marlboro's and then he and his mate would drive the Goggo around Australia to promote Marlboro cigarettes...(as well has get a funded trip around Aus!) lol

To the credit of Philip Morris, they did answer with a very pleasant reply but it was 'thank you, but no thank you!" lol

We were in our late teens at the time! I guess that explains it! ;)

It would make sense for Dunhills to sponsor my car in a round-Australia trip for my mate and I - If we can get through two packs between Brisbane and Tweed Heads, the whole show would pay for itself by the time we hit Tamworth!

Have we wandered off-topic?

lol Probably but it's fun! ;) lol

Aren't they also called bevans?

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