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I think your right Adrian..
Americans think they created the world!

Then again is that surpising...
Americans thought they won vietnman!
Americans think they are fighting terror by creating a million more terrorists by bombing Iraq.

I don't think there's much support outside Australia for the idea that Monash was the outstanding WW1 General and that the Aussies won the war. The American troops, if only because of their larger numbers, probably tipped the scales. By 1918 the blockade had weakened Germany to the point where the end was almost inevitable. Had Australians not been involved at all, the war would have ended at about the same time. Canadian troops were equally effecive and enjoyed probably a better reputation as fighting men than the Australians.

US learned lesssons at Hamel under Monash if you read Chapter IX – The Battle of Hamel Official Histories – First World War, Volume VI – The Australian Imperial Force in France during the Allied Offensive, 1918 (1st edition, 1942)
C E W Bean

I think we, the USA, won--won the right to fight for freedom, and we will keep free those that are afraid to see the enemy.

..and, James, we did created the world-- why else are we upright; not hanging upside down?

Well, joann...some would say we, here in Down Under, do hang upside down! ;)

Sometimes I think the only thing that differentiates me from fruit bats is I don't sleep hanging from my ankles...I eat a lots and lots of fruit, just to clarify that for you all1 ;)

And to add to the above comments...I really do get so very sick and tired of "US-bashers"....I'd rather be on the side of the US and have them on my side than many others in this world today!

Wake up, for Christ's sake....

Following the withdrawal of Russia from the war, the Germans had lots of troops available from their eastern front. So they threw them into one big push in 1918, and it was halted.
Then, the Americans participated in a counter-attack along with other allies.
The Germans could see that if they failed to win then, when they had their best chance, they never would. So morale got worse (it was already pretty shit) and revolutions swept the country, resulting in the abdication of the Kaiser, the armistice, and peace.
No one nation won the war. The blood of many lands stained France by 1919.

Great link Stackja1945. The closing account of the victory at Hamel...

It happened that the Supreme War Council
was sitting at Versailles when the news of the victory arrived. Clemenceau, Lloyd George, and Orlando were at the meeting and, at various times, Balfour, Milner, Sonnino, Pichon, Pershing, Foch, Sir Henry Wilson, and Haig. Lloyd George and the Prime Ministers of Canada, New Zealand, and Newfoundland asked Mr Hughes to telegraph to General Monash their congratulations. Clemenceau was directing a secretary to send his also, when “No,” he said, “I’ll go and see them and congratulate them myself.”

And on the following Sunday the “Tiger,” then 77 years of age, made his weekly excursion with General Mordacq, not, as was his wont, to soiiie French division, but to headquarters of the 4th Australian Division at Eussy-les-Daours near Corbie. Standing in his neat brown suit and small crumpled felt hat in the centre of a ring roughly formed by a number of the Australiansso who had fought the battle, he spoke to them in English:

". . . . When the Australians came to France, the French people expected a great deal of you. . . . We knew that you would fight a
real fight, but we did not know that from the very beginning you would astonish the whole continent. . . . I shall go back to-morrow and say to my countrymen: “I have seen the Australians. I have looked in their faces. 1 know that these men . . . will fight alongside of us again until the cause for which we are all fighting is safe for us and for our children.”

As the old man panted, partly from emotion, partly from asthma, General MacLagan, taking up a call from one of the Diggers behind him, led three tremendous cheers for France.
“De jolis enfants,” said Clemenceau, as he turned to go.


Belleau Wood wa a decisive rear guard action where the US Marines stopped the Ludendorff offensive from reaching Paris. It probably saved the war for the Allies and is therefore the most decisive defensive action on the Western Front outside of 1914.

The Monash led assault on the Hindenburg Line was probably the most decisive offensive action on the Western Front.

People like James shit me.

So, James, what is it like living without testicles? I hope you can still have a good life, after all, can't miss what you never had, right?

--from one of those American women that you're probably terrified of.

I took a cab in Paris and didn't find the driver rude. He was driving a Peugeot 607, a beautiful car to use as a cab. Leather seats. It was gorgeous.

I don't have much of my thirty years back schoolboy French left, but after saying "Gare St Lazaire", I looked around. "Cette six zero sept, c'est une tres belle voiture!"

That's about the limit of mon Francais, merci, mais it made him smile.

I used to drive a 505 here in Canberra, and loved that car, apart from its habit of breaking down in odd places and times. If I had my choice of cars, I reckon a 607 would be the go.

Anyway, he was a nice chap. Friendly and helpful, despite (or possibly becuase of) the communication difficulties. Wasn't too big about sticking in a traffic lane, but.

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