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Hadn't seen any Australian milbloggers either. Thanks for the link.

Looks like he's been 'encouraged' to blog no more perhaps... Oz Military members aren't allowed a 'political' opinion as such, and I'm afraid there are some who might see his blog as a possible 'security' issue.

Such is life for a military fella - especially an officer!

Bugger - was looking forward to it.

When I saw Ben's Iraqi Letters blog was gone, I immediately re-registered it to protect it from cyber-squatters.

The ADF seem to be still formulating their policy on milblogs. Clearly, security is important. However, the effort sown in managing milblogs correctly will reap vast rewards at recruiting time.

Any suggestions on how Australian milblogs should operate? What's in? What's out? How should they be set up / vetted / approved?

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