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Try this one by Dan Riehl, Adrian.

The originator of the ambulance story (cited far and wide, including by Blair) agrees that "The fact is ZombieTime's post does not do what it claims, proving the ambulance attack demonstrably false."

Hmm. Looks like my original call for caution was, well, NOT EXACTLY OUTRAGEOUS, eh?

Let me guess this straight; The guy who made up the story to begin with says that the guy who debunked it is wrong, and is now presenting another (different) story that addresses the original debunking?

Colour me convinced.

Your original call to caution was based on a pathological need to believe Israel are war criminals. Your refusal to accept the facts and instead rely on a new and different story from the same reporter is based on a pathological need to believe that Israel are war criminals.

Nothing at all has changed except that everyone in Australia now knows how big of a moron you are, instead of just those of us like myself who have been reading your dribble for years.

Let me guess this straight; The guy who made up the story to begin with says that the guy who debunked it is wrong, and is now presenting another (different) story that addresses the original debunking?

You didn't read the link, did you Yobbo?

No, the conservative originator of the HOAX story, ie the precursor to Zombietime, the bloke credited by Blair as raising the doubts to begin with, explains why the Zombietime analysis isn't convincing either.

Get it now? Try reading the link. It might save you from making a further arse of yourself.

And now I know why my mum told me never to talk religion or politics...

Damnitall, grow up the both of you! Bickering like primary school kids over who's right...

P.S. Looking over the cablog archives, I appear to have been handle-jumping. So, I'm James, but not the original one...

I think this whole episode simply shows that people will believe what they want to believe.
This is pretty well illustrated by Adrian, Yobbo, Tim Blair and their ilk, who no doubt still believe that Iraq is going well, democracy is being embraced there - and they would no doubt invade it again even if they knew they had no WMD, no links to 9/11, the horrid mess we now have, etc, etc.
Lefty simply said he wasn't convinced totally by the debunking of the original story. He has been totally vindicated. He did not side against Israel at all, but that is always an easy line for the likes of Yobbo. There are plenty of doubts on the original story and the debunking. Sorry Ade, but I don't see that "they look like bigger mugs" at all. Read the Dan Riehl link. Maybe I'm just believing what I want to believe, eh?

Jimbo, my Mum told me to keep out of the Comments Box but hey, we're dealing in a citizens' marketplace of ideas.

Lefty, you cite the link as evidence of what exactly, caution ? Caution based on further evidence or regret over his lack of accreditation ? Have you read my links providing overwhelming evidence contrary to the media reports ? Or this evidence clearly demonstrating the ambulance could not have been struck by a missile ?

The issue is that the media was malicious in reporting the Israelis deliberately targeted an ambulance in contravention of the Geneva Conventions rules of engagement. Evidenced by Chulov's pathetic contradictions.

In publishing this very serious charge it's incumbent on him to provide irrefutable proof of this deliberate targeting. If he can't then he should be sacked.

I thought you were a social commentator/opinionist, not political commentator/opinionist. I like the former, because it is fresh.
There are enough people ALREADY filling the latter.
Please stick to the former, or you'll turn many off quickly.

Wizz, fair enough and noted.

Aww! Gee Whizz, it's just a bit of harmless debating fun! ;)

Please keep commenting on whatever you think fit Adrian.

^ wot 'e said!

A citizen's market place of ideas, surely, Adrian.

I like my debate reasoned and level headed though. These two seem about as likely to partake in such a debate as an extremist Christian and an extremist Muslim would over the topic of religion.

It would be nice if, every time I got tagged as a leftie, I wasn't associated with loons. I'm sure you find it equally nauseous to be lumped in with the redneck hicks who form the extreme of the right.

Exactly. That's what reasoned debate is all about. People calling other people "loons". Bravo, sir.

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