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I am sure Sam Ward's video is a hoot, but I can't hear a word he is saying, the video keeps stopping and starting and he seems unable to look at the camera.

Sorry, didn't get any of it.

Darlene: Try waiting for the video to completely download first, and turn your speakers up.

I am sorry for thinking that yobbo is a smart-ass when obviously he is such an intelligent, caring and witty person, ready to join the Chaser team as soon as Channel 7 buys the production company and pays him decent wages.In case the smokes, booze and assorted goody's finish him off soon, can I have that jumper?

Yobbo, re your apology to cops, you'll be interested in a new reality show from Channel Seven called, The Force: Behind the Line, featuring Western Australia Police, the only force to respond. Commences August 22nd.

Yobbo's video - hilarious.

Well done, Yobbo...that is a blast! ;)

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