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Would these be your real answers to these questions Adrian ?

Jeeze, usually I'm pretty good at deciphering Aussie speak but I'm at a total loss here.

Strike me lucky, Ade...youse lot don't wanna take no notice of any aggro passengers. She'll be right, mate...they're just out for a barney. I betcha they're just in the big smoke to get blotto.

I reckon it must be hard yakka being a cabbie. No worries, mate...she'll be jake! You could always spit the dummy, grab some moola and a few tinnies and go and 'ave a sticky beak at the top end. Struth...no point busting ya gut!

Actually, ever since that Sarah Spiers BS, prospective cabbies in Perth all get psych tests. It's a pretty pointless exercise: Myer/Briggs, IQ tests. Waste of a morning, really. Hasn't visibly improved the pool though. There's only one psych who does it, so It's a nice little earner for him, I guess.

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