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It was pretty heinous as far as I understood,
The Mother had full custody of the children.
The father turned up, stabbed the mum, then took off with the kids!

From what I can gather the signs worked. I think any method, no matter how extreme it may seem, must be used in such matters. I know my heart was in my mouth when I heard on the news that the father had taken the children. So many of these situations the end in tragedy. I guess the method is a bit like the 'Amber Alert'. I heard somewhere on the news during the day that it was because of the signs that this particular incident had a happy ending for the children.

As far as I can see he did commit a few crimes and threatened to commit perhaps the worst - murdering 3 kids.

The Amber Alerts not only go up on freeways etc here in L.A. but are also broadcast on t.v. ....
I think it's a brilliant idea.. and would imagine that this kind of system would work wonders in a 'smaller' city like Sydney.. as opposed to L.A. where everyone is in their own little world and never pays attention to the traffic in front of them let alone those pesky signs on the side of the ride.

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