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I'm a frequent but irregular cab passenger in Melbourne, occasionally Sydney. Based on what you've written previously, I'm glad that you told this guy what you think. I have a lot of respect for the "old school" art of taxi-driving, and am disgusted with many of these recent additions to the scene.

There's a lot more I could say, but this is not the appropriate forum, if you know what I mean. Just wanted to pass on my support.

Always a bad apple amongst everything isn't there including Cabbies. I'm surprised he still is on the road.

Won’t touch the race issue, but familiar with it being married to an Inuk lady. But that barstard needs weeding out, is there no oversight by his company or regulatory body?
On the food issue, nothing beats a Montreal Smoked meat on rye, coleslaw and pickle on the side.

I drove cabs from 1982 until 1991 and spent 4 years in the radio room for a southern Sydney cab company as a radio operator and for the past six months I have held a job where a cab is supplied for the trip home of a night and I dread it every single night. Slow drivers, sloppy drivers, crazy drivers, cranky drivers I've had them all. My pet hate though would have to be the driver that targets those red lights. I don't pay for the cab fare so it's not a money thing, it offends me that they think I don't realise what they're doing. Times have most certainly changed. However in saying that I should say that there are a fair percentage of great drivers out there too but as usual it's those "Dodgies" that bring the rest of you down. I never thought I'd say it but... Give me a train ride any day!

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