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Get real, Adrian - the poms??!!?!?

Why not Dirk, we beat them last year, admittedly a friendly but hey, we'll take it. Moreover our showing at this World Cup puts paid to any inferiority we had in the past and by 2014 it's quite possible we'll be ranked better than the top 16.

Yeah sure (just imagine!!!), but the 4-1 scoreline, never.

Your presuming the poms would be good enough to get there.

That's the point I was trying to make, Alan.
The poms won't make another final in our lifetime.

Who cares? I've gone right off soccer. Too much bad acting by big sooks! Bad umpiring. Give me Rugby League any day...or Wimbledon. How sad it was to witness the end of an era last night with Agassi's last appearance at Wimbledon. He is a class act way out there on his own. Nadal was gracious, showing the great Agassi the respect he is due. At least, the tennis is 'real'...there might be wrong calls at times, but that happens.

I'll be watching State of Origin on Wednesday night and enjoying seeing a tough game, played by tough guys. The only thing wrong is, it should be being played in the Sydney...not Melbourne. State of Origin should be played in the 'states of origin'.

So, sorry soccer...you've lost me!

The question is can we get the World Cup to Australia in the first place as F.I.F.A. are keen for it to be hosted in Brazil.

If Brazil can't host the 2014 World Cup then maybe.

Huggies, Australia just might get the World Cup sooner than it thinks. It sounds like South Africa (host of WC 2010) is screwing the pooch pretty bad -- no stadiums re-built, electricity blackouts, lack of modern broadcast facilities, etc. If FIFA takes it away from them, Australia just might get it. (It's happened before. WC 1986 was originally awarded to Columbia. They screwed things up so bad that FIFA took it away from them and gave it to Mexico.)

Very interesting David. Coupled with this news the future of top class soccer here looks very promising.

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