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Geez Adrian, I can't imagine why you get women in ur cab who don't want to talk to you! Do they always presume that 'interesting' means, 'sexual'?

See if you asked me that question, I'd tell you that I can balance a hard boiled egg on my nose whilst singing Madison Avenue's 'Don't call me baby' & hopping on 1 leg...

Too true ab, I guess it relates to different strokes and all that. Plus one can't rule out modern stimuli.

Boy! My life and me must be sooooooo boring!
And to think I will never get a chance to give head to a Big Brother contestant! Damn!

I noted the price for signing up. $495US for lifetime membership. Got better things to spend my money on.

Well said, huggies! :)

Did any1 see the funny faces on the beautiful agony site, what a cack! It can't be voyeurism - it's w-a-y comedy.

sorry to tell you this Adrian, but Beautiful Agony is kind of old hat :)
the site was feted/lampooned around ye olde Internet many moons ago.

just out of curiousity, would you have been as shocked if the passenger confessing this to you was a young man?

No, I don't think so kar. It's to do with young womens' lack of reticence in relating such things to strangers. Male to male tête-à-têtes do not have the same confronting element as that with young female to male.

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