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we did Route 66 from CHicago to LA last year - total trip of a lifetime - going back in 07 to do it again - would recommend it to anyone !!

Oddly enough I've always wanted to do a drive from Sydney to Melbourne. Would be a good time, I think.

My vacation last year was a good one, a road trip down the US east coast from Norfolk, VA to Savannah, GA. Good time. Longest East-West distance is from Virginia to Colorado, which I've done a few times.

I'm curious about your mention of the "mythical" Midwest. What have you heard about it that appeals to you? I live in the Midwest (Nebraska) and am not used to hearing people say they want to visit the region. Usually people want to fly over it as quickly as possible.

At one point, quite a number of years ago my ex and I were going to pick up a motor home in LA, go down to the Yucatan, then back up across the States to New York and then back to LA by a different route, then back home to Aus. Unfortunately, life got in the way and we never did do it. It would have been a great trip. We were going to take about six months travelling. Prior to us marrying, he had lived in New York city for nine years and had travelled quite extensively in the States and Central America so it would have been even better going with someone who knew the States. Such is life!

Marcia, I guess it's to do with a mythical past, a Midwest which most probably no longer exists. Cattle and railroad pioneers. Tumbleweed rolling down dusty and deserted streets, cowboys dozing on rickety verandahs. Paris, Texas and Boise, Idaho. Scenes populated by hard-bitten characters inured to a harsh enviroment and wary of outsiders. Shabby motels and sweating overweight proprietors. Hollywood stereotypes I guess.

Nebraska has a Straw Bale Church, Carhenge, the Kool-Aid Man's Footprints in Cement AND the gas stations with the dinasaur statues.

Ok, maybe not mythical today, but it will be someday!

Ah...'Paris, Texas'....terrific movie and great soundtrack by Ry Cooder.

Ah, I understand now. Thank you for the reply, Adrian. It's true you may not find those images exactly, but there are still some wide open spaces, small towns (some with that deserted feeling, unfortunately), good and interesting people and, as Aaron pointed out, more than a few things that fall into the Unique Character category. Hope you get a chance to visit!

Aaron, I didn't even know about the footprints. I feel a roadtrip coming on...

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