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I never read other people's blogs.

Very interesting data, indeedy! I'm in there somewhere!

Hmmm, very interesting! I have read your (always insightful) blog most work days since I first came across it a few weeks ago. Have to admit I was surprised, nay spooked, when you posted a photo of yourself! That's not a comment on how you look - very handsome I'm sure - but that you have not preserved at least that aspect of your anonymity?! Somehow, it makes it difficult to keep one's own prejudice about appearance etc at bay. Also, how does this openness affect you doing your job? Do punters recognise you from your blog?

Again, just to reaffirm - love your blog! Keep up the good work!

[PS. I've given a fake email because I'm supposed to be working! Yes, scared-y-cat!]

I'm part of the:
60%,79%,13%,87%,18%,10%,13%,35%,53%,80%,15%,<13%,9%,35% crowd :-)

We are a select bunch :-)


add more plants and put out food for them

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