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I used to have a girlfriend like that - the drug world seems to breed them.

Inability to feel pain due to being 'off ones head' means their conscience is not triggered.

Thus, they do not feel guilty for pain they cause to others and therefore do not need to take responsibility for their own actions. However, the same lack of 'internal compass' means that self improvement does not occur.

Might be fun for a while, but when they are 25 and still acting like irresponsible fuckwits, people have a lot less patience.

Stupid bastards.

He must have thought you were one the rich c..'s he was railing against.

Sorry that happened to you, Adrian.

Sucks when they do that, don't it?
And you admonish yourself for "I shoulda seen it comin'"

Why on earth do you feel the need to identify these boys by their ethnic background...
Go to Penrith on a saturday night, and you will find young drunk white aussie boys acting in the same disgusting way....

Yeah I have to agree with John...
These young punks belong to one group "wankers"...
Whats their race have to do with it?
Walk down any main street of a Queensland Town on a friday night and you will see young white men yelling sleazy comments at women and doing all kinds of pathetic things (the lease being doing a runna on a cab)..

Why not say what race they were? I'm sure if they were WASP Aussies Adrian would have said so as this case they happened not to be...simple.

Whatever they were...I bet their brains don't get much of a work-over! I often wonder what these clowns think about...if they think at all!


As an aussie expat, I really enjoy reading your blog. Along with daily doses of smh and the Age, your blog helps keep 'home' close and tangible. Your perspective is always welcome and appreciated.

I disagree with the previous comments: the anti-"white australian" sentiment that has blossomed over the past ten or fifteen years (especially in Sydney) is a relevant and important issue that should be discussed.

I don't know any place in Penrith or Qld where you will find 'young drunk white aussie boys' who feel so threatened and disaffected by our symbols of national pride.

The fact that [often] you cannot walk down a main street in Sydney wearing a Wallaby's jersey without getting jeered at, or singled out by some thug, is indeed just that: a fact of life in Sydney.

Thanks for the good, the bad and the ugly, Adrian.

people who are concerned by adrian mentioning race

a) what are you really concerned about; your own self image or somehow affecting the lives on wogs by talking about what ONE did? (and adrian made no broad generalisations - he just told a story)

b) why should adrian self censor? i want the undiluted, pure information coming directly off the streets to inform my own judgement.

How else are we to understand our world?

By pretending distasteful things don't happen?

By believing that trends in behaviour don't coincide with cultural groups?

I share an office with a fijian indian and a greek - both 2nd generation.

I don't try to pretend they are exactly the same as me. I enjoy their difference, and in treating them with 'rough honesty' I believe I do more for multiculturalism than anything.

I also work with another anglo aussie, and I give him shit too.

You give people strength my assuming they possess it. Strong people can handle the truth and the truth will set you free.

This faux sensitivity about mentioning ethnic background is deplorable and epitomises the stupidity of political correctness. The writer-reporter's job is to present all the facts, to paint the picture and then it's up to the reader to make, or not make, their own judgement. With all this pathetic concern about sexism, racism and homophobia in texts, Shakespeare would struggle to get published today.

As an ex-taxi driver while I was studying, I think I know a little bit of how you feel when someone bends your ear for a long fare, then does a runner at the end of it.
You end up thinking poor fools, they'll always be losers whether they are lebs, Greeks, Arab, anglos. All arse and no class. Cheers mate an interesting blog - straight like it is ......

Actually Slatts the AJA code of ethics, which are the guidelines by which journalists are required to work in order to stay within legal and ethical recommended boundaries requires that they do not 'over-specify' because by doing so you are isolating/labelling people. Like being overly descriptive of their socio-economic background, gender, marriage status, race etc etc

I feel that while it is definitely a distasteful look at these two rather unsavoury individuals, it has a relevant application in the examination of contemporary Sydney culture and society. If Adrian had been a little more descriptive, I probably couldn't support that though.

The AJA code of ethics is a very advisable guideline for bloggers also. It is clear of course that there are journalists(particularly talkback hosts) who have not cast eyes on the code - or have complete contempt for it, it's still the recommended guide for where a journalist's boundaries should lie.

AB I think you've proved the opposite point. Adrian gave the facts - it was you who described them as "two rather unsavoury individuals". The story I read only had one "unsavoury individual" in it - my point being that we all interpret things differently no matter how it's written; what the reporter / blogger should do is report the facts no matter how unsavoury they may seem. The reader will nearly always interpret the story in line with their own dogma.

On the journalistic guidelines... should the papers not have mentioned race when discussing the recent troubles at Cronulla? or the fact that Jai and Koby Abberton were members of the 'Bra Boys during their court cases of 2005? In the first case it was fundamental to the story yet the papers were accused of fanning the flames, in the second case it had little to do with the story yet no-one said a word. Surely that's a contradiction of the code? I don't disagree with the AJA code of ethics, but people don't complain because the code has been broken, they complain because they believe an article is politically incorrect.

On the identification thing, people of this or that heritage are happy to identify themselves - not PC but they do.

Often when I meet a non-anglo they will say something like "You're not an Aussie are you?" and we'll swap backgrounds. Doesn't mean we're not Australian - it's just the way people tend to think about themselves (the Greek kid in the story seems to have quite a few problems apart from slagging Aussies).

So given we are happy to self-identify, it'd a bit mealy mouthed to complain when someone else reports such self-identification.

Adrian... runners annoy me! in pretty much ALL facet's of life I guess... and I hate 'running' - once you do so I think you run the risk of doing so you're entire life. Maybe this will be the case for such an angry little ant mate... who knows? As to labeling someone with their ethnicity, I don't beleive necessarily that when you're sharing a yarn you alway's run the risk of 'colouring' your characters as such - especially if what you're setting out to do is just tell a yarn and relay a story.

Intepreting that though and reading into it the likelyhood that a person might be slandering a person based on their culture or race, especially when there was NO intent to actually do so says more for the reader I feel, then for the writer. I agree that not all people have polite things to say about certin people of specific cultures and race, but often that comes out in the writing quite clearly. I worry that we take ourselves and this whole PC shitefight far too seriously - and it's killing our sense of Oz - our sense of self.

I mean from the Uk just recently... "Baa Baa BLACK sheep" just isn't on... it's being suggested that kids use "Baa Baa RAINBOW Sheep" for gawds sake (Google it - It'll make you shake your head in utter stunned bewilderment!).

A recount of events should allow a person's perception of said events to come to the fore... how else can you then enter into some sort of discussion about the bloody thing?!


Shoulda driven 'em to Cronulla...

(Gosh, was that a bit insensitive?)

As for the 'natural' origin of Marijuana, perhaps he should find out where heroin comes from.

Political correctness is out-dated and should be banned, I reckon. Call a 'spade a spade' pun intended!

If I was telling a tale which included an Irish person and a Scottish person, would I not be allowed to identify them as being so?

Hey, cool story. Meet a bunch of guys just the same any time I go clubbing in the city. Just a pity that they usually try to ruin a night out for other people by being aggressive assholes.

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