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Go the Roos!!! I think that the public expectation of the Brazil game was a bit high - that the Aussies had a chance of a win. With a draw (probably) being all that is needed against the Croats to go through they have a 90% chance of doing better than the informed public would have hoped for when sseing the draw. Of course the public bandwagon is full on. Last year it was the Swans winning the AFL title this year it is the Socceroos - lets hope the glory hunters stay with it long term. These guys in the team and the coach have done their qualification proud. In a country where cricket is the only national sport (across all states) we need to have the rugby and AFL codes relegated to where they belong - for players who aren't good enough to play football (soccer) and the entrenched niches of the supporters like other countries.

The 'Roos did well...I still haven't slept since I woke yesterday morning! These all night sessions have some advantages, though...I was so energised by the game, I had all my housework and laundry done by 7am!!!!

That referee was a bit of a pain in the butt, though!!!!

A solid performance. If the ball bounced our way on a couple of occasions and we didn't have a couple of lapses in defence it could have been different.

We were competitive (particularly in the first half defensively), and that is something to be quite proud of.

I watched the game and I think we done well considering they are the best in the world. The Aussie fans crying this morning on the news got me though.

I just hope all this support for the Soccerroos transfers to more people supporting the A-League.

Great game, the Socceroos played well.

It might be a bit harsh but I thought the crying fans must be plastic fans - anyone who's ever seen a football match before the beginning of June would know that a) in fact Aus played very well and b) it doesn't matter anyway! The game against Croatia is the crunch one.

Result due to a FIFA in the night? Roos not allowed to win?

The Aussies did well tactically but lost pyschologically. Too often when a shot was begging they hesitated or were in two minds about what to do. Despite the bravado, they could have done with more positive thinking. Brazil also cleverly shut down the Aussies confidence in midfield passing. They need to be ready to impose their own style more forcefully next time. Let's hope there is a next time!

I supported Australia who played a great game against the greats.

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