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I wouldn't put any money on Czechoslovakia winning the World Cup if I were you. I haven't seen them play recently, but nobody else I know has either.

I'd suggest the Czech Republic as a substitute outsider ... or England who were crap this afternoon against Paraguay but won while Sweden managed in the same group only to draw against plucky Trinidad & Tobago.

Spain are crap in cup competitions and should be regarded as a hedge at best ... if you're really looking for a European at longish odds the Portuguese are a better bet.

As for Australia, sadly we've neither the depth of talent nor the experience to make a credible mark on this tournament, but one of the sixteen countries to emerge from the group stage will be an outsider and there is no need to be so certain before a ball is kicked in anger (or shin ... by us) that we won't be it.

Yeah, of course you are right. But with a whole lot of luck Australia just might get through to the round of 16 and, long shot though it is, that is worth dreaming of.
I was not impressed by Germany - opening game and all - so I'd bet in Brazil if the odds were any good. Czech Republic are probably the best value for money.
And, hey, I played soccer as a teenager in Sydney, er, 50 years ago and don't remember ever being called a poof or a wog. Twas pretty big in Lane Cove then.

A very pesimistic view you have there.
I hope beyond all hope that we make the second round. I love Australian soccer, my 3 sons all played and 2 are still playing into their 30's. It would be a just reward for the new Australian soccer if we advanced and after all the smart, hard work I hope that the second round will be a justified reward for the new team.


Hello All,
What do you think, if Zidane was not to hit Materazzi in that finals game would the outcome be different? Would the French have enough strength to actualy score?
I believe that nothing would have changed!
Zidane Game

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