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Not an England chant but rather an English one - and my favourite - concerns a guy called Bobby Zamora who played for Reading. Portsmouth bid a million pounds for him and it was turned down, leading to the immortal chant from the stands (to the tune of That's Amore)
When you turn down a bid
Of a million quid
That's Zamora.....

He later signed for Spurs and was dreadful - the chant was revived as
When the ball hits the head
Of the bloke in row zed
That's Zamora.....

And a quick one for the Aussies - the Liverpool fans sing Harry Kewell's name to the tune of Daddy Cool. Simple but brilliant. "Harry, Harry Kewell, Harry, Harry Kewell"

I think there are a few of us running on Greemwich Mean Time at the moment:)

Little excerpt from the Guardian:

On the way to the Stadion München yesterday, the Australian fans were giving bending the knee to nobody as they sang "Brazil, where's your swimming team? Brazil, where's your netball team?" They rounded off a repetitive verse with "Brazil, where's your lawn bowls team?"

Nice one. The tune is "Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys. Or if you listen to a lot of football crowds you may know it as the tune to "You're shit and you know you are"

One of the best chants Ive ever heard was sung by Chelsea fans about the Frenchman Emanuel Petit, it went like this.

"Hes French,
Hes Quick
His Names A Porno Flick,
Emanuel!, Emanuel!"

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